Thursday, 8 November 2018

Trying not to spend!

Thanks for the comments regarding hair loss, I'm glad I'm not the only one.  I guess there's no miracle cure, possibly using a hair thickener shampoo and having regular haircuts is the best thing to do.  I'm just self conscious about my very thin fine hair I suppose, I doubt that people are pointing and laughing at me in the street though (well, maybe they do, I wouldn't be able to see them without my glasses on anyway!  So perhaps the answer is just not to wear my glasses....).

The car's definitely got another problem, the warning lights came on again yesterday so husband called the breakdown service.  Seems it's a problem with the ABS/parking brake/ESP sensor (no I don't know either!!), some kind of fault.  The breakdown guy said it should be covered by the parts & labour warranty husband has, and told him to take the car to the approved garage in town, which he's out doing now.  The last major problem we had that cost nearly £600 wasn't covered by the warranty, they don't pay out for problems caused by wear and tear apparently (of course they don't!!), whereas they do for faults.  At least we don't have to pay this time - just as well, as I don't suppose they accept IOU's!

He's just come back and said the car's booked in for next Tuesday, they said it's safe to drive until then.  He also said they recommended he have some other test done, some diagnostic thingy.....they said it's not essential, but on his own head be it if he doesn't have it done and another problem arises!  And that'll cost £45 + VAT and of course it's not covered by the warranty.  *Rolls eyes*  He's said no to that.  Cars are just money pits.  Although perhaps it might be prudent to have it done, will have a discussion with him about that.

I was going to do a food shopping challenge this month, £1 each per day so £60 for the month.  Changed my mind though, it'll put pressure on me which I don't feel like doing right now.  I'm just going to try and spend as little as possible, that should be easy enough, as we have plenty of food in the freezers and store cupboards.  We've been shopping this week for things we'd used a lot of last week when we had visitors - fresh milk, olive spread, cheese, eggs, fresh veg - and the king prawns and mixed grains for my birthday dinner.  Spent a total of £28.90, which included a 7.5kg sack of potatoes and some frozen veg as well.  I'm happy with that, it's a lot less than we would normally spend on a week's shopping, and I'm confident we won't need to go shopping at all next week.  Although husband's just said we've run out of baking paper (he's lining the tins for the 2 seeded loaves he's just making), and I've now remembered I used the last of the mixed spice in the date & walnut cake the other day.  Oh, and there's no smoked paprika left either.  Oh well.


  1. Grocery shopping is not fun!!! It seems prices continue to go up for things we need!!! You seem to do a great job of being frugal! Sorry about the car-they seem to drain our resources also! I would not mind living in a city and just use public transportation. I do live in a city but no subway!! Have great rest of the week!!!

  2. I am trying to be really frugal as far as food is concerned, well I always am actually, but this is such an expensive time of year for us, what with having the card done, Christmas, extra fuel bills etc. Do you have a slow cooker Sue?

  3. Just catching up with the hair post. I have grown my hair long and put it up each day, it doesn't matter how thin it is when its all piled up, that's my solution.
    Glad you didn't have to fork out too much for the car. We put an amount by each month for repairs but if a biggy comes in we have to start again, we have a couple of niggles at the moment but they'll have to wait for the pot to grow a bit. lol

  4. It seems like it's always something with cars. They can be money pits! Just when you think you don't need too many groceries you notice that you are out of thinks that aren't usually cheap!! We discovered a new fruit and veg. market yesterday. We got a cantaloupe for $1 and strawberries for $1,50 a pound. Also got 500gms cinnamon honey for $6.00. These are all really good prices.


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