Wednesday 21 November 2018

No sign of Nurse Huffy!

Thank you for comments - Hazel, I hope you and your sister got good news.

My appointment with the diabetes nurse went very well actually, no ticking off and we had a very good discussion.  The subject of statins was raised again, obviously, and again I declined which she accepted without question.  By a useful coincidence, just a few days ago I read in the paper (The Daily Fail, which isn't usually right about most things) about a fairly new diabetes medication, dapagliflozin, which not only reduces blood glucose (by diverting it to the kidneys so you pee it out in quite large quantities), but also helps to reduce weight - when peeing out sugar you're also getting rid of calories.  And, as an added bonus, it has cardiovascular supporting properties.  So it seems to be a good thing - I didn't just take the Daily Fail's word for it, I looked it up on a couple of reputable websites.  One downside is a possible side effect - because of all that sugar you accumulate in your wee, it can give you thrush or a UTI.  Not everybody gets the side effects, of course.

Anyhow, I discussed it with the nurse and we are both in agreement that I will start taking this new med, alongside my standard Metformin, I'll take it for a 3 month trial initially and then have more blood tests and another review with her, to see how I've been getting on with it.  The only thing is I can't have that particular med, but she'll prescribe another one very similar - it's more or less the same thing, same drug group, just a different manufacturer.  She said they can't prescribe dapagliflozin, for 'various reasons' - I said 'cost I expect'!  She laughed and said 'well yes, can't pull the wool over your eyes can I?!'.  Although why one company can manufacture a drug cheaper than another company making the same drug, I don't know, but what do I know?  Nor do I care, as long as it's basically the same drug and works the same.  The nurse has advised me to drink more water whilst taking the new med, to reduce the risk of thrush or a UTI.  She also told me not to use soap when washing my lady bits down below, just plain water, as soap can wash away all the good and helpful bacteria!  Told you we have good discussions....haha.

Right, changing the subject - a few days ago, Jack Munroe of Cooking on a Bootstrap posted a recipe for a very quick and easy sort-of Christmas cake, which is only 4 ingredients (or 5, if you want to add a citrussy kick, which I will).  I'm giving it a try today - it's 200ml ginger ale or beer (I'm using Crabbies ginger beer, as I just happened to have a bottle in the larder), a whole jar of mincemeat, 2 eggs and 200g SR flour, plus 2 tbsp. marmalade for the citrus kick.  Mix, put in round baking tin, cover the top with foil to stop it burning, bake for 50 mins or so at 170 deg c.  Sounds pretty perfect to me - the mincemeat contains the fruit, sugar, spice and fat so that's 4 things you don't need to add, what could be simpler?  I'll do it as Jack says this time, husband can taste test it and give his verdict, then I might make it again with a couple of additions....bit more spice and some nuts or cranberries, maybe.

Cold and foggy this morning, fog gone now but very grey and dull as well as very cold.  Definitely an indoors day.


  1. I'll be reall=y interested to know what you think of the cake because I printed the recipe off not ten minutes ago! I have some home made mincemeat left over from last year and some marmalade and thought I'd have a go with that. I love your additions too.

    Great news about the appointment. I'm delighted that it went well and the new meds sound very promising, don't they?


  2. I don't really like Christmas cake but Mince Pies are a must have in this house.
    Good news about the meds and I hope they help.

  3. I laughed out loud when I saw this post title. :)
    Sounds good on the new med. And the lack of Nurse Huffy.;)
    It is extremely good to see what a new outlook makes you feel like...hers and yours. I know you will, but make sure to report back on the cakes yumminess or no.
    That cake sounds good ...more basic and easy. Thanks for the idea.

  4. i hope that the new meds work well for you. I will be trying that cake out, I just need to make a batch of mincemeat. I am going to try a small batch without any added sugar, I know that it will not keep long, even in the fridge, so some will be frozen.

  5. Glad all went well. My doctor gave me Zerobase to wash with, most excellent substitute with no itching afterwards, or dryness.

  6. Glad all went well. My doctor gave me Zerobase for washing down below, has helped enormously to relieve dryness and uncomfortable skin.

  7. So pleased everything went well and the nurse was very helpful.
    My doctor was pleased with me and will see me again in a year. I shall speak to my sister tomorrow's Thank you for asking.
    Hazel c uk

  8. That was a good result then, I hope it all works out well for you. I would have problems in remembering to drink the water - I have to remind myself every day to do so.

    I saw that recipe and thought I might try it out since I am alone for a week at Christmas and can experiment...

    1. Hello Toffee Apple, I see you are in Buckinghamshire. I live in Stewkley, not far from you.

  9. So pleased to have found your blog again. I will be interested what you think of the fruit cake as I want to try it too.
    P.S. I'm from Somerset too, love the carrot cruncher reference.

  10. I hope the new meds work out for you. We're a funny lot in our house, we don't like Christmas cake, Christmas pudding or mince pies but I do like simple recipes. It puts me off making something when I see a list of ingredients as long as my arm.

  11. The cake sounds intriguing - nice and simple - my sort of recipe. I hope the new meds help you.

  12. I take that drug - Farxiga here is US and along with metformin it's been a miracle drug for me. No side effects and like you said it's not a weight gainer. Hope it works for you too 😀


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