Saturday, 24 November 2018

Steam rollered

Having gone back to bed this morning, I now don't feel too bad, just a bit like I've been run over by a steam roller. Husband is feeling much better so this virus, or whatever it is, is clearly a short-lived one, thank goodness.  

I did some baking this afternoon - well, I'd got pastry out of the freezer yesterday in order to make a few things for our (now postponed) dominoes night with our friends, so I needed to use it.  I'd also defrosted some sausages, intending to make sausage rolls - couldn't be arsed to do anything fiddly though, so made a large sausage tart.  I made up a small pack of sage & onion stuffing and mixed the skinned sausages in, along with a few squirts of tomato puree and some grated cheese.  Spread the base of the pastry with cranberry sauce then put the sausage mix on top.  

There was a bit of pastry left over, so I made a dozen mince pies with some of my homemade mincemeat.  

I also baked a trayful of jacket spuds whilst the oven was on, we'll have one with the tart, the others will be frozen individually wrapped.  Worn out now.

Thank you for comments on the last couple of posts.  Annabeth, I can't be bothered to ask the blog administrator to get rid of the post that had my blog link published in it - what's done is done.  But good point, I hadn't even considered the GDPR regulations - I just thought she had a cheek publishing the link without my permission (she didn't even ask).

The thermal face masks (2, so he's got one to wear whilst the other is being washed) came today, very speedy service.  He likes them, although they make him look like a mugger!  Good job we live in a tiny hamlet and everyone knows him, even with the mask on he'll be recognisable because of Betty, teehee.


  1. You mean you didn't get Betty a face mask? heeeee
    Wow, you sure did a lot of work for not having it in you. :) Good though , you feel better for having it done , I am sure.
    Slow and steady makes life easier and more enjoyable, not the hurry up deal most have going now. Take care, you guys.

  2. Sausage tart sounds delish. I still have to make some mincemeat, I do have all the ingredients now, all I have to do is get the jars out to sterilise them and get the mix ready.

  3. Just to let you know I have a new blog


  4. Take care, Sooze - hopefully you will both continue to feel better as the days go by.

  5. Hope you're both feeling on top form soon.

    The sausage tart sounds delicious, just my type of thing.


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