Monday 26 November 2018

Starting a new, short term diet

Thank you for the well wishes, we are both feeling much better now.  

I bought a new winter coat for a very good price online, however, when it arrived and I tried it on, I was disappointed to find I can't do it up.  I knew I'd put on weight over the past few weeks (and my weigh in along with the diabetes review confirmed it), but not being able to do up a coat in the size that fitted me before really brought it home to me.  With my new determined attitude though, I'm viewing it positively - I really like the coat (husband does too) so am keeping it....I'll just have to slim into it won't I?!

Since my diabetes review with the head nurse (I won't call her Nurse Huffy anymore as she really wasn't), I've been thinking about how to lose the extra weight, but without actually doing anything about it.  Well, once again Sue of A Challenging Year blog has come up trumps - she and her Lovely Hubby have just started a 7 day diet.  It's 7 days only because it's very drastic - it's a diet that was originally developed to enable people who need an operation to lose a lot of weight very quickly before the op, it's not meant to be followed indefinitely.  It's called The Chemical Diet - apparently it works by producing a chemical reaction between certain foods which enables the body to drop a lot of weight very quickly - I don't pretend to understand (or even believe!) that, but it's obvious that if you stick to the diet you WILL lose a fair bit of weight, simply because it's clearly quite low in calories and cuts out most carbs and fats.  

Husband and I (he wants to lose about another stone) are keen to give it a go - the idea of doing a diet, even a drastic one, for just one week at a time is very appealing....if we lose even as much as half a stone (the diet claims to result in a loss of a whole stone, 14 pounds) that'll be a huge incentive and boost.  We can't do the diet as given, though, mainly because it contains a lot of grapefruit which neither of us can eat - husband isn't allowed it because of the statins he's on, I have a citrus allergy.  So, using the general idea of the diet, I sat and planned a week's diet, personalised for us.  We'll still only do it for 7 days, it wouldn't be sustainable for longer - we'd get bored, we'd start craving foods we weren't allowed, and as it cuts down drastically on certain food groups (dairy for one), it wouldn't deliver all essential nutrients for good health for a sustained period of time.

(Going off on a tangent for a moment, on the subject of dairy, how do vegetarians/vegans get enough calcium in their diet if they don't eat dairy?  Having never looked into it before, I really don't know, perhaps one of you can enlighten me).

So we're starting today.  We're allowing ourselves tea and coffee, preferably black, but with just a splash of skimmed milk if we really can't face black - better that than either refusing to drink it and having no hot drink option, or giving up at the first hurdle.  Lots of water (which I drink anyhow, although husband doesn't).  Absolutely no oil or spread or sauces of any kind, food to be flavoured with herbs and spices and moistened with a little vegetable stock if necessary.  No eating between meals (not that we do much of that).  

So here's what we're having today:-

Breakfast - 1 slice dry toast topped with grilled fresh tomatoes for husband, tinned toms for me (I don't like grilled fresh ones).  I'll keep the juice to use later.

Lunch - Tinned salmon on a bed of salad - lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sliced red pepper, sliced gherkins, watercress.  Dressed with a squirt of lemon juice and/or vinegar, mixed with the juices from the salmon tin.  I can take a tiny bit of citrus juice without it affecting me too much, I couldn't eat a whole fruit though or drink a glass of juice.

Dinner - Roast chicken leg with roasted cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli.  I'll mix the saved tomato juice with a splash of the green veg cooking water and use that as a sort of gravy, I'll add some herbs/spices and boil to thicken and concentrate it (no gravy granules or cornflour allowed to thicken it).

I'll make sure husband has plenty of veggies at lunch and dinner, he's a big eater and likes a good plateful.

I did wake up in the early hours and lie there wondering if we could do this....but it's only for 7 days and I do have the lovely new coat as motivation!  If it works out alright, we're thinking we'll do a 5 day version of it every 2 or 3 weeks.  Also, it'll be lovely to go back to the diabetes nurse for my review in 3 months time and show her I'm a stone or two lighter.


  1. I saw that too and couldn't do it (if I wanted to) for the same reason - the grapefruit.
    Good luck with it - what you have planned looks very manageable and you might get used to it and want to continue in one form or another.

  2. Ooops, sorry, another reply. Some of the plant milks are calcium enriched, I believe.

  3. Ooh, that looks like a tasty new eating plan. Looking forward to hearing about the buttoned up new coat!

  4. Good luck with the diet Sooze.
    Hazel c uk

  5. We looked at that diet, I could do it but the SO nearly fell off the sofa in shock. We will see. Fingers crossed for you finding that new coat is lovely and loose soon.

  6. Good luck!
    I have been a vegetarian for 26 years!

  7. I would not do that diet, I struggle with my weight, but we are doing our sensible eating and more importantly portion size, which is always an issue here. Plus I never leave food once it is served on my plate, a throw back to life growing up with my mum.

  8. Good luck Sue, you can do it!
    I feel like c**p at the moment with my weight, but hopefully when I stop my medication it will sort itself out but in the meantime I am being very strict with food in the week and only having "treats" if we go out or at the weekends, I have started walking more as well.x

  9. I am vegetarian have been all my life and don't eat very much dairy either - also some countries eat very little or no dairy and never have a calcium problem as it is in many other foods though most people think it is only in dairy (it is more easily absorbed by the body from dairy). Calcium is found in dark leafy greens (though Spinach is not a good source as it is not easily absorbed by the body), Almonds and other nuts particularly walnuts, seeds, bread made with fortfied flour, soya milk has added calcium, Tofu, also fish like sardines where you eat the small bones (although I am strict vegetarian and don't eat fish myself). Vitamin D helps the calcium absorb so check you are eating enough foods that contain Vit D as we don't get enough through our skin in the winter in this country or take a supplement (also helps prevent colds and flu).
    Hope this helps.

  10. I wouldn't do that diet now. It's very similar to the Mayo Clinic diet that I did aged 18, when I thought I was fat, but most definitely wasn't. It lasted 2 weeks though - I dropped 10 pounds the first week, and 2 the second. A lot of that was water, and the weight went back on quickly.
    I lost 21 pounds in the first 2 months of Slimming World ( 12 the 1st month, 9 the 2nd), and averaged half a stone a month over my total loss of 4.5 stones. I still ate carbs, small amounts of chocolate, curry, Yorkshire puddings with my roast etc., and have lost more weight since I hit target on 1st November( 1.5 lbs). I'm now 7 stones less than I was at my heaviest, having kept the initial 2.5 stones off for 8 years- I lost that by eating less and moving more, but still ate all food groups.

  11. Good luck with the diet. I think it is doable because of the short duration. It will be nice to have a break from it and then do it again. I see a nice fitting coat in your future.


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