Wednesday, 7 November 2018

For Annabeth

Annabeth, please accept my apologies, I published your comment and then deleted it because I realised it contained your email address - so sorry about that.  I'm really not very good at this techie stuff, am I?!  Of course I don't mind if you follow me again, I'm pleased to have you back!

Oh, and have just realised that as I deleted the comment, I no longer have your email address, so can't reply by email.  Duh!!  I will just have to hope you read this....


  1. My wifi has been acting up-maybe everyone on because of elections!!!
    Happy happy birthday! Why would a person assume you want a private blog for any reason other than to prevent nasty replies? Alas! Keep writing and enjoying your blog!
    In America, there is a supplement that many praise-biotin-one can buy over the counter-I tried using it for hair and nails but gave me headaches! You might have luck with it!

  2. Haha Sooze, no worries at all and thank you for your response. We both seem to be a right pair with the techie stuff, I forgot to favourite your blog and it took me ages to find you again!! But all sorted now!
    Oh, and I meant to say Happy belated birthday too!

    A few years ago my hairdresser recommended Kelp/Sea weed tablets to help with thinning hair, available from health food stores or online. I took them for a while and the jury is out whether they worked, it certainly didn't get any worse. I might try again.


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