Thursday, 29 November 2018

Day 4 - and awful weather

Thanks for comments again, and welcome to a couple of new followers (or old ones that have found me) - Julie Caisey and Susan Zarzycki.  

The headachey sort of bleurgh feelings have gone, so our systems must be coping better with what we're eating now - or rather, what we're leaving out.  We're really enjoying the meals, although we're both looking forward to the weekend and normal eating.  I'm also very keen to know how much weight we've lost - I shall be hugely disappointed if we haven't lost any, but am sure we will have.

So, today's food:-

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs and tinned tomatoes for me, dry fried fresh toms for husband.  Betty has scrambled egg too whenever we have it, she loves it.

Lunch - Chicken leg and salad again.

Dinner - Lamb leg steak roasted with roasted Brussels, green beans and Hispi  cabbage.  A plum or 2 for husband for afters.

Enough of diet food, let's talk about non diet stuff!  The weather has been pretty grim all week, with a lot of rain and wind, but through the night and this morning it's been truly awful, REALLY strong wind and rain, a proper howling gale out there.  Must have been bothering Betty too, as she got out of bed immediately I came downstairs - she doesn't usually, she's a proper teenager and likes a lie in.  A big gust of wind throwing something around in the garden had her rushing to the door and barking - I knew she wouldn't want to actually go out (she doesn't like bad weather either!), but opened the door just to show her there was nobody out there trying to break in.  The wind nearly smashed the door in my face, good job I was holding onto the handle firmly - Betty turned tail and ran away!  Some guard dog she is, it did make me laugh.

Thankfully, the forecast for tomorrow is much better, as we're going a bit stir crazy.  Definitely not going out today, other than dog walking when the wind has died down a bit, as it's meant to do soon apparently.

I'm going to make a big batch of pastry today and portion it up for the freezer, also some pizza dough.  Not sure though whether to freeze the pizza dough as is, or make up the bases then part cook and freeze them.  Will have a google and see what's best.**

Please take care if you're out and about today and have this awful weather.

**Edit - seems it's best if you let the pizza dough rise and then knock it back before freezing uncooked, just portion it up, wrap well and freeze for up to 3 months.


  1. I'm very glad you're feeling better again, that's great.
    And I bet you have lost weight. The only questions is, how much. :-)

  2. Pleased you are feeling better. One of my fence panels have broken but my dear neighbor is in the wind and rain fixing it for me. I wanted him to leave it but wouldn't. He is a kind man.
    Hazel c uk

  3. We woke to pouring rain and high wind, it doesn't faze Ben but Herbie turns into "a big girls blouse". Once the rain stopped we ventured out for a good walk and will soon try another.

  4. Ooooh I know what I am having for my breakfast tomorrow...yum, yum.
    Good luck with this new diet.


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