Wednesday 7 November 2018

Hair - lack of!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, I really enjoyed the day.

I've noticed recently that I'm losing more hair - now we're not talking handfuls here (thank goodness!!), but there's definitely many more loose hairs on my pillow in the mornings, and on my jumpers - even husband (and men are notoriously unobservant) has noticed and commented on it.  I'm not sure whether it's a result of all the stress and anxiety recently, or a side effect of the medication I'm taking for the stress - bit of both, probably.  How ironic if the anti-stress meds are causing my hair to fall out and induce even more stress.  Losing my hair has always been a fear of mine, although it's probably in my genes as my Mum has lost loads of hair, hers is very thin now, poor old thing.  

I think hair, for a woman, is such an integral part of our feminine selves, isn't it?  I know lots of men hate losing their hair and do all sorts of ridiculous things to make it seem like they're not - painful implants, bald on top but growing the back hair into a long ponytail, a la Francis Rossi of Status Quo.  Or the utterly stupid long combover, like Trump's pile of fluffy Weetabix.  How any man can look in the mirror and think that a combover, particularly such an obvious one as Trump's, looks good, I really don't know.  Men - it doesn't, it's just RIDICULOUS!!  I actually like bald men - just as well as husband has been losing his hair for donkeys years - and I know lots of women do.  But for a woman, losing our hair is quite traumatic - it makes me feel vulnerable and lacking in confidence.  I don't know how I'd cope if I had cancer and all my hair fell out due to the treatment....bit of a shallow thing to say really, actually staying alive is far more important.

If anyone knows of any supplements to take, or miracle (but cheap!) hair treatments to try, that actually help to make the hair look thicker, or even promote new growth, I'd be interested.  I did read about one a few months ago - can't remember what it was, but it wasn't cheap and you apparently need to continue with it forevermore, or it'll just stop working.

And talking of hair and how we women feel about it, Sheila of Life is too short to iron teatowels blog is having her head shaved for charity today - what an incredibly courageous thing to do!  She's amazing.


  1. I know how you feel Sue, since going through the menopause mine has got really thin, I have always had fine hair anyway, I have now had to change from a centre parting to a side parting to cover it up a bit, there is a shampoo called Planter 39, it is very pricey though, I am thinking of giving it a go.

    1. Unfortunately it hasn’t made any difference to my hair.

  2. Losing your hair in cancer treatment is not so bad these days as most people understand what is happening, plus the scarfs and hats are lovely. I knitted loads of different scull caps to keep my head warm when I was at home, and a good wig when I went out.

  3. I think my hair genes must be pretty good and my mum's certainly are. Her hair is thinning now (she is 91) but not too badly and it still looks lovely. I just hope I go silver-white like her - it is such a lovely effect.

    There are conditioners that give the hair 'body', I believe. Worth exploring anyway. Wishing you a successful hunt.

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  5. Despite being on much medication I never had problems before - until now. My hair became strangely wiry and plastic feeling during my many weeks in hospital and then it started coming out. I’ve now lost about 60% with no-one knowing exactly why ( could be the steroids but it never happened before, just found out by blood test I’m low zinc; or by stress). Losing it is bad enough but the strange texture - as if it’s melted, means in my case the follicles must be damaged. The doctors don’t seem that bothered!

    Yours could be medication but also anxiety and stress so hopefully this is just a temporary blip and it will all grow back in. I think hair has a 7 year cycle - but I’m sure this varies from person to person. There are caffeine based shampoos but I’m not sure how effective.

    As I’m now wearing soft stretchy hats when I go out I’m sure everyone thinks I’m having chemo. People seem extra kind which is nice but a bit disconcerting. I won’t be offended if you don’t publish this as I realise it’s a bit personal.

  6. I lost my hair after chemo and radiation so I wear a wig. My hair is finally growing back, but it's so slow.

  7. Biotin is a supplement that is supposed to be good for hair and nails. Like you, I was losing hair, I started taking it about 6 months ago. Hair loss isn't getting worse so I assume it is working. My hair is long and I found trimming it more often seems to help too. Cutting off the dead ends but keeping it long. Hope you find something that works, Biotin is not expensive.

  8. Until menopause I had nice thick hair but not any more. When I said to my hairdresser that my hair is so thin now she said I've got lots of hair but now it's very fine. My only saving grace is that I was always a strawberry blonde, never dyed it, and now in my late 60's it's blonde with no grey!!!

  9. I've always had very fine hair, lots of it according to my hairdresser but baby fine and very soft. I find dyeing it blonde makes it look a lot thicker and means you can't see my scalp through it as much. Seemingly the chemicals in blonde hair dyes plump up the hair follicle and make it thicker ... exactly what I need.


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