Monday, 5 November 2018

Thank you and welcome back

Thank you for all the lovely supportive comments, they helped me such a lot.  And to everyone who indicated they'd still like to read - wow, thanks so much, I am truly surprised and very grateful.  I had so many problems this morning trying to set the original blog to Invited Readers Only, it just didn't work for some reason, so gave up and started this new one.  It's not ideal, it won't stop people who I'd rather didn't read, I dare say they'll find me eventually.  But I'm going to write whatever I want to, and if people object, well, they don't have to read!

I didn't have any 'troll' comments on the post I deleted.  A couple of friends whom I've known for years have taken umbrage with me lately, think they're fed up with me 'moaning', another has more or less disowned me, and yet another seems to think they're counsellor, critic and saviour combined and is continually telling me what I should be doing and feeling and thinking, which annoys me.  As I said, if they don't like it don't read it.  

Anyway, I did have a complete break from social media and the internet in general (other than a few emails) for a few days and it did me good, I think.  I've now gone through my list of 'favourite' websites, forums, blogs etc, and friends on Facebook, and have pared them all down considerably.  My FB friends are now limited to people I actually consider good friends, and family we like and have the most contact with.  I've deleted blogs that haven't been updated for months and months, plus one or two that weren't really my cup of tea.  I've slimmed down my 'favourites' list of websites, now only the ones I read regularly, i.e. daily or a few times a week, are left.  It's all helped to make me feel a bit lighter, somehow.

I think I'll take the opportunity to change the focus on the blog a bit.  It'll probably mainly be about food - cooking and saving money on shopping and using up leftovers as much as possible, growing fruit and veg, crocheting, days out.  Health, of course.  And, now that I don't have to be so careful about what I write (on MY blog!!), for fear of being taken to task about something or other, I'll probably talk about Betty more too, after all, she is one of the highlights of my life.  If I can figure out what I was doing wrong with photos, I'll try to put more on here....the last few times I tried to post any, Blogger wasn't having it, for some reason.

Anyway, it's nice to be back posting, and thank you all again, I'm so grateful for all the support.


  1. Thank you for the link. I only have a few friends on FB and Instagram after a huge cull some while back and it is so much easier.

  2. Happy that you are back, and if anyone complains, ignore them. They don't walk in your shoes.
    I like a few blogs only-some are so pretentious that I stop reading!
    As I have said several times, yours is a favorite!!!

  3. Like the sound of the new blog some great ideas.

  4. thank you for the link. I am looking forward to reading your new blog. I may not comment much but if I do it will be supportive.

  5. So glad you sent me the link Sooze! Looking forward to reading your new blog.

  6. Sooze - Glad that it's all working - I had tried the old blog and told that I wasn't invited! Thought I'd done something wrong - then thought to check emails. I'm a bit slow at times...

    Lovely header photo and hope you're able to sort out more photos in the fullness of time.

    I really hope that your new blog is just met with positive comments - no earthly reason not to be.

    I've got a bad day tomorrow - hope yours is better.


  7. Well done you did so well to start up a new blog.

    I love your header it reminds me what I can see in the back of my garden.
    I look forward to other posts from you.
    Hazel c uk

  8. I am here . Glad to be here as well.
    I am glad for your forthrighness. You should be able to say what you want. I enjoy your writing and opinions. Be you , don't ever change. :) Will enjoy more Betty updates. Our dog is a big part of our life as well.

  9. You did it!! Well done. It's lovely to have you back again, it really is.
    J xxx

  10. Thanks for the link.

    I too have trimmed down my blog reading list. For too long it seemed as if it was all poverty porn. Who could live the cheapest, etc. Some just got too preachy and were best avoided.

    We all need a good moan every so often. Life is not all sunshine and unicorns.

    Ear scratches to Suzie.

  11. I thought I'd answered - obviously not! The memory thing is getting old - lol.
    Welcome back and well done for working round things. You were missed but I am sure the clearout has sorted some stuff for you. A good old spring clean never hurt, even if it is autumn!

  12. So glad that I can read your blog once more. I live in N.W. Italy and so reading blogs from the Motherland, with all the good and bad thrown in, really cheers my day. A bit like having "penfriends" in the good old days. Have a good day.. ciao Ro xx

  13. Fingers crossed that those you don't want to be able to find you, aren't able to.
    I've said it elsewhere, but the world is full of people who operate double standards; they can complain as much as they like about the smallest thing, but then tell you not to make a fuss/ be affected by huge, terrifying, life changing events. The trouble is, they're so self absorbed that they don't even recognise that they are doing it, even when it is pointed out to them!

  14. I'm hear, glad to read you are too, pleased as well, we can support you, as and when you need us.

  15. I have one commentator that always manages to say something negative or disapproving. I've learned to be ok with it for the most part but I very nearly lost it this week after a comment on one of my Vale posts. I was not in a good mental headspace, and I think it is harder to deal with negativity or disapproval when in that place.

    I can work out how to make a blogger blog private if you would like, and email you the instructions, but it won't be till the weekend, I have a busy few days and the nights have been somewhat sleepless here.

  16. I hope everything is working out okay for you now :-)

  17. welcome back and glad I found you !

  18. Morning Sooze

    Pleased to have 'found you' and that you accept Name URL folk :-) I haven't a clue about this 'Google Account' stuff, but it was Ilona who put on her blog how to use this 'URL' :-) - thanks Ilona!

    If the header is the view from your window, then you are one lucky lady.

    Looking forward to your ideas on cooking, saving money and all the usual things we're all trying to do - oh! and the star of your blog - Betty! :-)




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