Monday, 12 November 2018

Blah, blah, meh Monday

For about a week I've had ongoing blocked sinus issues, with an almost permanent headache, and I've also woken up this morning with very painful neuralgia in the left side of my face and head.  Betty is going through a very whingey phase at the moment (perhaps she gets it from me!) and she'll be whingeing even more soon when husband is out for a couple of hours (she misses him when he's out).  It's one of those days when I just feel like staying in bed.

Enough of that though, I have plenty to do today.  First lot of washing is in the tumbler (it's raining so can't put it out), then will be making soup for lunch - tomato and bean.  I have some baking to do - lemon drizzle cake for coffee morning with neighbour friends tomorrow, and a sponge pud for husband to use up a bit of leftover stewed apple and blackcurrant....he's been bemoaning the lack of puddings recently, not that we eat pudding often, and if we do, it's likely to be yogurt.  I also need to make dog food - canned tuna with eggs, mashed sweet potato, broccoli and rice flour to bind it all together.  Sometimes I do chicken for her, sometimes liver, or a mixture of tuna or sardines with white fish, all with sweet potato and some other veg added, she loves it all.

I need to do some banking and a menu plan this afternoon, then will get on with my latest crochet baby blanket.  Dinner is mainly leftovers from yesterday - bubble and squeak using yesterday's veg plus some extra leftovers from the freezer, and the last bits of the roast lamb breast we had.  With brown sauce, of course - well, for me, husband hates it!  He can have the fruit sponge pud with custard after.  I'm having a week of cutting down on carbs so won't be having any pud.


  1. I had sinus issues for over 20 years until I cut down hugely on dairy - cheese in particular seems to set it off but I also rarely drink dairy milk now, it is all almond and soy milk for me.

    It wasn't until I took a six month break from cheese and then one evening we had friends around and I made a cheese platter, because I'd had no cheese for so long I truly enjoyed eating it.. but about half an hour later I noticed my sinus began to feel blocked, and within an hour I could not breathe through my nose at all.

    In fact if I went into the kitchen now and made myself a snack of cheese, I can guarantee within 30 minutes my sinus would begin to feel stuffy.

    Some forms of dairy do not seem to set the stuffiness off eg cream and butter. Oddly, cooked cheese seems to be fine.

    I was also prescribed a prescription nose spray called Dymista which is mainly used in allergy season here for me and that seems to be helping a lot. :)

  2. Blocked sinuses are a right pain in more than the usual way. Hoping it clear up soon and stops hurting.
    Your dinner sounds wonderful.

  3. Can't beat bubble and squeak, one of my faviourite foods!

  4. I gave up dairy for a while to help my sinus issues but lately have been using half milk and half water to make my porridge. Butter is a no no and cheese is used very sparingly. I have not noticed any adverse sinus reactions BUT joy of joys my nails are growing stronger and longer. Mind you the absence of gardening may be helping. I hope that your day brightens up.

  5. Hope you're soon feeling better. Sinus problems can be a real pain - and seem to go on for ages. You have a very busy day planned; don't do too much. I love lemon drizzle cake - my son's partner is baking one for me.

  6. Hope you feel better-know nothing that helps sinus-sorry!!! Love your recipes although there are items I don't know what they are-lol-Americans we just know what we use!!!
    Had a lovely weekend in Ohio with friends and she made a veggie cold pizza using crescent rolls-yummmmm!!! I have been a vegetarian for 26 years and don't waver!! Keep writing and Internet tells me what the foods are!!

  7. Hope your sinuses are better soon. Inhaling usually helps me. I love bubble and squeak.


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