Tuesday 13 November 2018

*Puts fingers in ears and goes 'lalalalala'*

The garage have just phoned and said they've found several other electrical faults with the car....apparently our car make/model is notorious for them.  Not sure when we'll get it back.  Sounds like it's going to be another very expensive job - we've not recovered from the last one yet.   I just hope the warranty will be enough to cover the bill, not sure what we'll do if it isn't.

I am struggling to stay positive - at least it's sunny today, I had a nice coffee morning with a friend, and we have enough food in the cupboards/freezer - for us and for Betty - to keep us going for quite a while.

I'm not going to say this year couldn't get any worse, because that would be tempting fate!!  But I'll be bloody glad when it's over, and will hope that next year is a damn sight better.

Meanwhile, I've a doctor's appointment early Friday morning, for my flu jab and annual diabetes checks.  If the car's not back by then, I'll have to cancel it.  Bugger.


  1. My suggestion, after having worked in the car sales business for a few years, is to get a report from your garage stating that these are all known issues with the make and model. take this to your dealership and ask why this was not pointed out to you at the time of purchase. Use the words Due Diligence and ask if they deliberately neglected to pass the information on just to secure the sale. Be prepared to suggest that you will consult a solicitor with the intention of seeking recompense.
    If they are reputable they should help, either with the cost of repairs or exchanging the car for another. It is worth a shot, when money is tight they can not afford to lose their good name.

    1. We bought it privately second hand, Pam. To be fair, we've had it for 18 months or so with no real problems up until last month. The trouble with modern cars is that they're so complex, everything has to be plugged in to some diagnostic thingy nowadays. Gone are the days when a competent DIY mechanic (like my husband) with a good set of spanners could do his own maintenance.

  2. Cars are a pain but it is difficult to do without them now unless you live in the middle of a city. I hope yours recovers soon and is not too expensive.

  3. Trouble is we can't do without them can we? All I can say is that maybe once you get things sorted it will be fine. We got rid of our old car because it needed several repairs and yet I keep seeing it still being driven, this makes me wonder if we should have kept it.
    I think a lot of us have had a stinky year this year, must be something in the stars. lol

  4. My car's service is due and I'm holding off, because I dread there being a big bill. I hope yours is less than you're expecting.

  5. That is such a pain, Sooze. I know it's easier to say than do but try not to worry too much. Hopefully they will get it all working properly and you will have no more problems.

    1. I'm sure they will, Joy - it's paying for it that's the worry.


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