Saturday, 24 November 2018

The dreaded lurgy

Looks like both of us have got some kind of mild flu-like virus.  Husband went back to bed after breakfast yesterday, got up for lunch but didn't feel like eating it, then went to bed again.  We didn't eat much for dinner as neither of us felt like it, then had an early night.

I've been up since 03.30 with generalised aching and a thumping headache, the same symptoms husband had yesterday, am about to go to bed again.  We're supposed to be having friends round for our dominoes and pizza night, but will put it off till next week instead.

Oh, the new diabetes med is certainly making me wee....must have gone about a dozen times yesterday.  At this rate I'll be slim in no time!  (as if!).


  1. Oh, no, what a pain for you both! Those achey viruses are so unpleasant. Can you go back to bed and rest?
    Wishing you well again quickly


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