Saturday, 17 November 2018

Ticking off coming up

For me, that is.  We get our blood test results back very quickly here, within hours in fact, so I've had a sneaky look at mine online on the Patient Access thingy this morning - I like to be forewarned before I go next week for my annual diabetes review with the head honcho nurse.  It's not good - not a surprise as I knew it wouldn't be, my blood glucose, cholesterol and weight are all up, so I'll be getting my wrist slapped by the nurse and will once again no doubt be 'encouraged' to have statins (to no avail, I'm not taking statins and that's that, they do at least respect my choice, even though they keep suggesting it).  She'll also probably try to prescribe me an additional diabetes tablet, which I will also probably turn down.  

I'm not being obstinate for the sake of it - I have tried other diabetes meds in the past and haven't reacted well, I don't like the side effects.  I know full well that if I take my diet in hand and stick to a low carb, lower fat regime with less meat and more veg, and do more (well, any!) exercise, then my weight, blood glucose and cholesterol levels will all fall naturally without any drug intervention.  So that's what I must do.  This year my own health has taken a back seat, I've not been at all careful about what I eat, haven't really done much in the way of exercise, and the results speak for themselves.  I've even let the dog walking slide, husband walks Betty every day and I've more or less stopped going with them - no real reason, I just haven't felt like it.  Think that's probably down to depression and not wanting to stop and have conversations with neighbours, who we always see when out walking.  Nothing wrong with the neighbours, they're all lovely, it's just me!

The only good thing about my tests yesterday was my blood pressure, which was completely normal instead of being slightly raised, which surprised me a lot, I'd thought it would be very high.  But then I realised it's probably because of the anti-anxiety med I've now been on for a month or so, which is actually an old-fashioned beta blocker but nowadays is used for its anxiety-lowering properties instead of the BP lowering effect.

So it's time now to take myself in hand - I've got to.

Mum, put that laptop down and play with me!


  1. Yes, onwards and upwards or good luck and best wishes for the new 'shrinking' phase! xx

  2. It can be done but does require motivation, which it sounds like you are developing in shovefuls! All the best with it.

  3. You will, when you're ready; you're revving up, by the sounds of it, which is great. Start off small, don't be too ambitious and don't be too hard on yourself if you have setbacks. Good luck!

  4. Evening Sooze

    It is SO hard to start and stick to new eating habits, even when life/things are going smoothly. You have had a bit of a roller coaster of a year, which hasn't helped. You WILL get into new ways of eating, but only when you're ready. New year - New Sue.

    Have a good evening.

    Carol x

  5. I fully understand what you're saying. The last year I have been dealing with DH and his spinal stenosis and needing a hip replacement. This all involved a wheelchair, then a walker. Getting those in and out of a car was fun-NOT. Fortunately he has progressed to a cane. Then 7 months ago I got shingles which morphed into post herpetic neuralgia. It;s hard to try and look after yourself when you are looking after someone else. I'm hoping, along with you, that I can think about better diet etc. Good luck to both of us!!!

  6. The tutting of the nurse at my last cardiac review at the GP practice, along with the looks on medics' faces whenever I was weighed at a clinic appointment at the hospital, were the things that prompted me to finally do something about getting rid of my excess weight. I'd lost 2.5 stones by going to the gym years ago, then lost another stone ( in 9 days) due to illness 3 years ago. I kept that off, but 17 months of steroids meant the final stone went back on again. I've been overweight/ obese for the last 30 years, and although the cardiac diagnosis meant I lost the 2.5 stone, I've now lost another 4.5. The time had to be right though. My head had to be in the right place, and I had to put myself first for a change, which was a completely alien thing for me to do. I found that it helped me with all that was going on this year. When everything was spinning out of control around me, eating well and losing the weight was something I had control over, though not in an eating disorder kind of way.
    We're all different, but that's my story.
    Take care, and look after yourself as well as you look after your husband xx

  7. Sooze - you know what you need to do, and I have no doubt that you'll do it - when the time is right. It's really easy to worry about your husband - and then your needs keep getting pushed back. That is a lovely photo of Betty - how can you resist that look on her face!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  8. Our health is a real pain now isn't it. I don't blame you for not taking statins, the consultant told Tom he was wise not to take them (from the horses mouth ) and getting your diet in hand should deal with the other things. Sorry to hear about the depression, I know all about that , just been through another melt down myself but am on the way up again. Every time it happens I think it will be the last but it only takes a small thing to trigger it off again. I hate taking any type of pill if I can help it, I've seen what most of them can do through Tom over the years.
    I'm sure things will be okay, hugs.

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  10. put an -us- in there in the proper place thanks
    all of us


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