Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Diet Day 3 and some observations

Thank you for comments - Wherethejourneytakesme, thanks especially for your informative and helpful comments regarding calcium sources.

I'm sorry if anyone finds these diet food posts boring - it's a useful record for me of what we've eaten, as we intend to repeat this diet every few weeks for 5 days or so at a time.  Long term diets are just not sustainable for me, I get bored and can't be bothered to maintain them, I rebel against the restrictions.  Interestingly, though, I'm not having a problem with this one simply because I know it's very short term.  Well, I say I'm not having a problem....after some discussion, we've decided to make this 5 days instead of 7, we are both really missing some things - eg, coffee and tea with semi skimmed milk (a tiny splash of skimmed just doesn't taste the same).  I'm really craving cheese, husband misses his mixed nuts, seeds and raisins he has a handful of as a snack between meals.  We've not been tempted to stray and indulge in the forbidden, but might if it went on for 7 days, so the decision has been made to go back to normal eating on Saturday.  That doesn't mean we're going to go mad and eat tons of the forbidden stuff though.  I do love my frothy cappuccino I have 2 or sometimes 3 of a day, so it will just be nice to have one of those Saturday morning with a couple of slices of cheese on toast.

Today's food:-

Breakfast - 1 slice dry toast with 2 poached eggs

Lunch - A roasted chicken leg with salad

Dinner - Cod baked in a foil parcel with lemon and herbs, roasted Brussels and courgettes, sprouting broccoli.

One thing we've found - not having butter (well, we have Bertolli olive spread) on toast when the toast is topped with tomatoes, eggs etc, is absolutely fine, we don't miss the spread at all, so will continue that even when not on the diet.  

The fresh fruit salad we had for breakfast yesterday - husband loved it, I quite liked it except that it was far too sweet for me, since I've been diabetic and cut out all sugary things, I really don't have a sweet tooth anymore.  Just the berries would have been ok, the plums and mango were definitely too sweet and made my tongue all tingly - a diabetic reaction I get from too much sugar.  I'll know in future.  


  1. I think it's a really good idea to modify things to work for you and husband. You might end up feeling you could do a regular few days on it each week or something. I'm sure that would help.
    I totally understand the feelings of deprivation. I only started losing weight because of the gallbladder when
    restriction became a necessity and after that was sorted, some habits and expectations had been broken and others started. I really can't recommend that as a way to go!!!! :-)

    1. No Joy, I really don't fancy gallbladder problems as a way of losing weight! Lol!

  2. Sorry you are finding the diet hard give it a bit longer to get into your body and it will be easier. Try no to have to much coffee a nice warm cup of squash might be.a change.
    Hazel c uk

  3. We're not finding it hard as such Hazel, just missing a few things and looking forward to being able to have them at the weekend. We're actually sticking to the diet rigidly, haven't deviated at all. And it's only meant to be a short term thing, it wouldn't be healthy to do it all the time because of the risk of not having all necessary nutrients.

  4. Sounds great!
    Maybe do this occasionally and give hubby the snacks he likes!
    The food sounds good!! Berries yummm!
    You are right to look for,sources of calcium!
    Love keeping up with this journey!

  5. I am hanging on your every word Sooze, I may give this a go in the run up to The Big Day in preparation for some excesses.


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