Friday, 30 November 2018

Last day - thank goodness

Although we've had some nice food this week, I won't be sorry to come to the end of this first short term diet.  I'm so looking forward to my cappuccino and some cheese on toast tomorrow!  I think the cappuccino, cheese and dairy have been the hardest things to leave out, for me.  Husband has missed his nuts, seeds and raisins that he snacks on between meals, and thought the meals didn't really fill him up the time each meal is ready, he's starving.  Oh, and he's just said he really fancies a chip butty tomorrow (which is odd, as it's not something we have normally!).

Today's food:-

Breakfast - 2 soft boiled eggs with 1 slice dry toast

Lunch - Chicken salad

Dinner - Salmon baked in foil parcel with spinach, roasted Brussels, tinned chopped tomatoes and mushrooms.

The howling gale yesterday had more or less disappeared by 10 am - blue sky and a bit of sunshine appearing.  It was still windy and there was a further bit of rain early afternoon, but nothing near as bad as the early morning.  We got off pretty lightly - loads of stuff blown around in the garden (including the dustbin, which was half full, and the recycling bins), a fairly heavy wood companion seat  was blown over and a few tiles dislodged on the utility room roof, the polytunnel door got bent.  Other than that though, no real damage done. Today is going to be much nicer, so we're going to our favourite little town, Wells, this morning.  It's been ages since we had a browse round there.

Can't wait to see what the scales say tomorrow morning.


  1. My fingers are crossed for you. I don't think I could have resisted the impulse to get on those scales before the end of the five days.

    1. Me neither, but I get weighed twice a day, every day!
      Hope the scales are kind to you after your 5 day blitz.

  2. Enjoy your treats, you have been good, I am eating sensibly in the week and having treats at the weekends (just baked some cookies) and I seem to be losing a few pounds every week. I think the secret is not to be too strict and not have a few treats, I know I would cave in if I didn't.

  3. Enjoy your treats tomorrow.
    Hazel c uk

  4. I hope that the results are good from your 5 days regime. I hope equally that you are able to repeat as you have planned to, if it helps.

  5. I'm a bit slow.......didn't even know you were back, thought you'd gone private..........silly me .......I'll go and catch up on your month

  6. Good for you with the great weight loss. I can see how that would lift your spirits! Just don't go crazy with all the delicious cheese!lol


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