Saturday 30 April 2022

Hair cut and a quiet afternoon

 It's warmed up a bit but still feeling chilly.....perhaps it's just me.  Tomorrow it's going to be raining, apparently, well the garden needs it.  Everything in the front garden is really springing into life, lots of new plant shoots appearing in the beds, I can't even remember what some of them are (can't remember much of anything right now).  The roses are putting on tons of new growth and buds, especially the climbing rose in the corner's supposed to be a compact climber, it has clusters of small pale pink flowers, but is putting out tons of growth, I'll have to prune some of it off as it's threatening to swamp everything else.

I'm having my hair cut this morning, think I'll have it a bit shorter than usual - it's short anyway but seems to grow quite fast in spring/summer, it's getting quite wispy and fluffy looking at the ends, even though I use conditioner.  As we're intending to spend quite a lot of time at the caravan this season, I won't be around much to have my regular lovely hairdresser neighbour only cuts hair on Saturdays now, so having it shorter today and on subsequent visits will reduce the times I need it cut hopefully.  It needs colouring again too (I do that myself, always have), will do it tomorrow morning, I'm still not ready to embrace the grey (it's alarmingly grey now, haven't coloured it in a while).

Husband is going out to do a car boot sale this afternoon, I'm staying home with Betty to have a much needed quiet afternoon (without the ever present telly on!).  He's just dropped a drill bit in the hallway (he drops things every day....and I do mean EVERY day) and now can't find it.  I expect it's gone underneath the sideboard.  He's taking things out to load in the car and is in and out, in and out, every 5 minutes, talking all the time.  As well as having the TV on all the time (I've just switched it off seeing as he's busy outside), he also talks non stop.....the peace and quiet when he goes out is amazing.

I feel like doing some drawing, I've not done any artwork or even made any cards for months, so perhaps I might do that this afternoon.  Or the urge might have worn off by then!  And I might just read or even have a snooze....laid awake for hours again last night, I gave up on trying to sleep in the early hours of this morning, put the light on and read my book instead.  Betty jumped off the bed and went downstairs, she clearly wasn't amused by my putting the light on.

I was going to do battered cod, oven chips and peas for dinner tonight (I rarely do any 'real' cooking on Saturday evenings) but don't fancy that, too carby and stodgy.  I fancy something light, so might do salmon pan fried in butter and lemon, with new potatoes and salad.....that sounds much better.


  1. Enjoy your peaceful day. doing whatever you want. I presume your husband is getting rid of a lot of 'stuff' so that's good - as long as he doesn't buy even more 'stuff' from the other stalls!

  2. The alternative dinner sounds perfect, really light and delicious.

    I hope you get back to crafting. It can be so very satisfying! And good idea about the hair.

  3. Enjoy some quiet time. I love getting up before my husband, and just reading, crocheting or playing on my laptop. No TV - bliss! Like your husband, mine insists on talking through whatever he's watching, even when he can see I'm not interested. It must be a man thing! xx

  4. Peace and quiet is absolutely lovely. My hubby is constantly playing YouTube on his phone. The volume is high, as he is deaf and sounds really tinny. Drives me bonkers.

  5. Over the years my poor husband has become more and more deaf, now needing hearing aids in both ears. Thankfully he has finally come to understand that I cannot physically or mentally cope with constant noise pollution and uses headphones/bluetooth thingies when he's watching odd stuff on YouTube.

    Apparently listening to someone rev a motorbike engine at top volume is instructive 🤨 . . . Now that I am no longer assaulted by the noise then he can call it whatever he likes!

  6. Add me on for right there...hee :)

  7. Tony is getting better at turning the TV off if there's nothing on worth watching. He used to sit through some inane drivel rather than turn it off but I sit in the conservatory and read or watch the birds these days. I'll be watching Gardeners world on catchup this afternoon and might just do some pan fired salmon too. I love a nice light meal.


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