Thursday 30 May 2024

A little moan...

 ...well, it was a great big moan actually this morning.  I was trying to make an observation to husband, concerning cars and parking in our little cul de sac - he kept interrupting and talking over me, 4, yes four times I tried to say the same sentence and each time he butted in.  Finally I erupted and yelled "Am I actually ALLOWED to talk?!".  For 40+ years I have more or less faded into the background and kept pretty quiet, as husband has always taken the floor and pontificated, he constantly interrupts me, butts in, doesn't listen to anything I have to say and talks over me.  Even when we're with my family or friends of mine, he dominates the conversation, sometimes I can hardly get a word in.  To be fair, it's a family trait - most of his family are the same, when the siblings are together they all talk or even shout over each other.  I pointed out that I've let him do this for all this time, but now I've had enough of it - it's like my opinion or thoughts on anything, to anyone, don't matter - all that matters is what he's got to say.  I've got another (male) friend who's the same, never listens to me and thinks I'm always wrong and he's always right.  Husband kept quiet after that and went off to his gym session, so at least I've had an hour to simmer down.  I don't ask for much, all I want is to be listened to, my opinion taken into consideration and be allowed to finish a sentence!

I've just made some cheese scones to be frozen for next week.....if I do say so myself, they're bloody good, I do make really nice scones.  Now I'm going to make some chocolate and apricot little cakes, using Greek yogurt in them to keep them moist - I also put yogurt in the scones, it makes them lovely and light.

Got a bit more pruning and tidying up to do in the side bluebell bed, now the spent bluebells have been cleared out.  One plant that's coming up strongly now I am pretty sure is one that I've often admired but never grown before - I think it's a Japanese Anemone.....obviously it's not in flower yet, they flower in late summer I think.  They come in white or pink, I wonder which this one is?  I'll be happy with either.

Just 2 more sleeps before sister arrives, I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it and I know she is too.  I've decided to rearrange our lounge this morning now husband has just got back from the gym, the layout has irritated me ever since we moved in actually 😒 And since I'm already feeling irritated today, shoving furniture around will get rid of some of that excess irritation! 😂


  1. I bet that furniture gets moved around good and proper, there's nothing better than having something useful to take your frustration out on. :-)

  2. When we were young, we'd often find our living room furniture had been moved around while we were at school. Now I know why. My Mum was probably fuming about something and taking it out on the furniture!🤣
    My husband doesn't listen to what I say, either, or just hears half of it. I remember one winter we were at a Garden Centre cafe and I told him we'd sit at any table except number 1 (it was by the door and so you got an icy blast every time someone went in or out). Which bit did he hear and where did he tell the staff we were sitting? Aaaaargh! xx

  3. Lol...good for you! And I'm with that furniture got a workout!

  4. Good for you sticking up for yourself. Japanese Anemones are very pretty but also quite invasive, you'll find them in parts of your garden you never planted them in.

  5. Bravo on sticking up for yourself. When I get annoyed I bake, and clean. Works wonderfully for me and keeps me from saying or doing something I could regret.

    God bless.

  6. Well done. What is it with men - they almost always talk over. My ex/late was exactly the same.
    You could pot some random Japanese Anemones and hand them round to the neighbours (if wanted) I wonder how they grow in containers. xx


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