Friday 24 May 2024

Touching base

 We had a nice time catching up with husband's sister and niece yesterday.  However, having not seen her for a few years, we were surprised at just how much she'd aged, especially since she's nearly 2 years younger than husband - she now looks much older than him.  She does have a few health problems (don't we all!) and is quite a heavy smoker, so I dare say that's got something to do with it.  She filled us in with news about some of the rest of husband's family - most of them live fairly near to each other up in the Midlands but, as I've said before, they are quite fragmented and some generally have fallen out with others at any one time, for one reason or other.  I think his sister is feeling her age and wanting to touch base with her siblings, whilst there's still time, basically.  The youngest of the siblings is approaching 60, the eldest 2 (of 10) have already died and a few of them have had recent health scares, so the realities of advancing age are penetrating their consciences, I guess.  Happens to us all!

The problem relative in my family is causing a few worries again at the moment - he has some quite serious health problems which came to light when he was taken to hospital by ambulance following a fall downstairs in his house a year or so ago.  However, after having a couple of tests he discharged himself against the hospital's advice and refused to have any more tests.  The doctor did write on his discharge notes that he may have a potentially life threatening condition and strongly advised further tests - to date relative has refused to have them, which is his prerogative - if he wants to bury his head in the sand there's not much we can do about it.  But some problems have arisen again, once again it's been recommended he has some tests, and again he's refusing.  Ho hum.

I need a quiet day today, it's been a busy week and I'm feeling a bit worn out.  I'll do the necessary this morning and just read in the afternoon.  It was cloudy all day yesterday and considerably cooler than of late, cloudy again this morning but a bit warmer with some sun forecast this afternoon, so I'll probably sit in the garden if it stays dry.


  1. Age and its associated problems catches us all in the end. All we can do is look after ourselves as best we can, eat well, keep moving, keep our brains active - and hope for the best! I hope your relative gets the help they need, but again, it's up to them to accept it. It's just a shame that it means you get involved in the turmoil. I've never understood the "if I don't do anything about it, it'll go away" mentality. I hope you get to sit in the sunshine in the garden. It was so cold here yesterday, we put the heating on! Let's hope we haven't already had summer! xx

  2. I have to admit, I have a slight tendency to bury my head in the sand and hope things go away (and sometimes they do) but not to that extent, no way. I'm sorry others are troubled by it though.
    Have a lovely, gentle day.

  3. Like Joy, I quite often bury my head in the sand, however I am getting to the point that ignoring or pretending things will change or improve without work is disappearing.

    God bless.


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