Friday 17 May 2024

Great expectations!!

 Some of you have asked to see pictures of the house sign, once I've finished it - thank you, but don't expect anything grand, I'm no Monet! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  It'll be very rustic and artisan....actually, I've just looked up the meaning of artisan, it says someone who does skilled work with their hands.  I'm not even skilled, I've had no training or lessons, I just like drawing, in a very amateurish way.  The sign as it stands is very plain - easy to see from the road as it's quite bold, but just a plain black numeral on a brilliant white background, so nothing fancy at all.  I just wanted to 'pretty it up' a bit by drawing some flowers on it, flowers being the thing I draw most often when I get the urge to do something.

It's a lovely sunny start to the morning, so I've got a wash load of Betty's blankets on, to go out on the line - I put fleece blankets on the sofa and my bed, as she moults so much - even more so at the moment, husband is always saying she sheds enough fur to make another dog!  I've got a few jobs to do in the garden, some weeding and tying up climbing plants.  I'm itching to cut down all the bluebells, they've all finished flowering and are looking very scruffy, think I'll have to wait another week or two for the foliage to die back more before I chop them all off at the base.  I want to do it before sister gets here, can't have the garden looking messy!  (Sister's garden is lovely).  It'll be interesting to see what else is coming up in the bluebell bed, I can see leaves of other plants poking their way through.  Betty's lawn is now growing very well, so the 2 or 3 times daily watering is obviously bedding it in, it'll soon need a first cut.  She's still not allowed on it, we'll wait another week or so before taking the canes and string down.

We're having a treat tonight, I was going to do fish and chips out of the freezer but husband said he'd like it from a fish shop, he'll go and get it later.  He'll get 2 portions of cod and one portion of chips, which is plenty to share between the 3 of us - Betty likes fish and chips too, and the portions from the fish shop are so large.  We're eating it at home, not on the sea front - it's Butlins changeover day, so it'll be busy on the esplanade, especially with the weather being fine, sunny and warm with hardly any breeze.  It'll be our last carby treat for a while, next week I'm going to do a week of very low carb, been eating too many carbs lately - lovely seeded sourdough bread (the one I buy from the Co-op is one of the best I've tasted, which tempts me to eat too much of it), pasta salads, rice dishes, lots of new potatoes, and jacket spuds a couple of times a week.  All yummy, but too much carby stuff for me, it bloats me and makes my joints ache.

Showers forecast tomorrow, but then sunny again on Sunday, so we're planning on going to the caravan for the day.


  1. Don't sell yourself short, Sooze. Skilled doesn't necessarily mean trained! Think Grandma Moses, LS Lowry etc. They were amateurs, but their work sells for ££££'s. A nice little sideline for you, perhaps?πŸ˜„
    The carbs have been creeping up on me, too. Trouble is, I do love bread or a baked potato. I must cut back, though, my jeans are getting a bit tight! xx

    1. Thanks K. But no way, I couldn't stand the stress of doing a commission for somebody, it would terrify me! xx

  2. I bet your sign will be just lovely. You do such excellent work in planning your garden that I can only believe you will be doing a wonderful job of your sign.

    Enjoy your meal.

    God bless.

  3. What lovely plans . . . and, like happy hooker, I would say don't sell yourself short. I bet your house sign will be most attractive and it will be unique.


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