Tuesday 28 May 2024

Support network

 Didn't get round to doing any garden stuff yesterday, the weather was very changeable and a bit on the chilly side, although I did manage to get a load of washing dry, eventually.  I got on with a few things indoors instead, we also popped to the supermarket for a very small top up shop.  Made a tinned salmon and feta cheese crustless quiche for dinner, with new potatoes and courgettes.  Speaking of courgettes, we now have a few tiny ones appearing on our plants.

Had a long chat with sister yesterday, she's got a lot of problematic stuff going on right now and is really in need of a restful break.  I'll make sure she has a lovely time here, although I've got a few excursions planned it'll be entirely up to sis what we do each day, I'll give her the option of going out or staying home, whatever she feels like.  I know just the fact of not having to cook or do any housework each day will be a nice break for would for me.  I want her to enjoy her week and recharge her batteries.  Sis and I are each other's support network, having similar things going on in our lives.  We all need a support network don't we, even if it's just a listening ear.

Raining this morning but forecast to clear up this afternoon, and then the weather is supposed to be getting better and better by the day - lovely.  The painters probably won't arrive until the rain has stopped, I'm guessing.


  1. Yes, we all need someone we can rely on to support us, even if, as you say, it's just to listen. I do feel for those who have no-one. No family, no friends, no friendly neighbours. It must make life hell at times. We have heavy rain forecast, but at the moment, it looks quite sunny and there are no dark clouds looming. I've got a load of washing on - ever the optimist! xx

  2. Wishing I were as close to my sister, as you are, to yours...Sounds like a lovely planned visit for her.

  3. I love that you are going to give your sister a break and the choice of what she wants to do.

    God bless.

  4. I'm sure you will both appreciate and enjoy time out of the usual routine. Have a wonderful sister time together. xx


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