Saturday 18 May 2024

The sign, and falling out over a table

 Ok, here's the sign (don't expect a masterpiece! 😂):-

It's on the carpet, the walls of our house aren't bright red 😉 I've just got to give it a spray of clear varnish before it goes on the wall.  (Oh, and speaking of red....I'm not keen on the King's new portrait - with the red background and his red uniform, it makes it look like a disembodied head staring out at you, very unnerving).

You may remember the round table we bought for £10 from the garden centre, they were getting rid of their old cafe tables and getting new ones:-

There's nothing wrong with it at all, but the top was very faded, due to being cleaned vigorously every day and being outside in the sunny courtyard cafe.  So I bought some Fablon to cover it.  If any of you have used sticky back plastic, especially on an item larger than a few inches, then you'll know it's a bugger to apply.  I'd worked out it needed two of us, it needed to be positioned carefully (the piece I bought online was a square, 2" wider than the diameter of the round table, which is 1" in depth, so an inch extra to fold underneath), the backing peeled off slowly and applied to the surface a bit at a time, smoothing as we did so.  I knew I'd need to cut the edges to achieve a smooth finish.  I explained all this to husband beforehand, but we nearly came to blows when doing it.  He will not listen to instructions, has no patience whatsoever and goes at everything like a bull in a china shop.  Suffice it to say I told him to stop and just leave me to it!  I then had to spend half an hour struggling to peel back the parts which he'd slapped down in a rush with no care and attention, resulting in creases and air bubbles everywhere 😡 Luckily, I like it and it looks ok, so long as you don't examine it too closely!

This morning there's a plant sale in the Methodist church hall in the town, so of course we're going to have a look.....and possibly buy a plant or two.  The boot sale is on this afternoon, I'm not sure yet whether we'll be going, husband did mention going but I think I'd rather stay home and do a few bits in the garden.  He could go on his own, of course.  Got a busy week coming up, few things we need to do and husband's sister and niece are coming for a day visit, so I need to plan food for lunch.  Something simple, I've got a pizza base in the freezer, so will just put toppings on that, make a few sandwiches and have salad and crisps on the side.


  1. I got a load of plants from B&Q, much cheaper than any garden centre, they are never the best looking plants, but they can be nursed back to prime health. I love a plant sale, we have a local guy who has a huge sale once a year, sadly this year we will be away on the day of the sale.

  2. I love your sign, and the best thing is, it's unique! The table looks good, and I can't see any creases.😂 Men don't seem to do patience, do they? I hope you find some plants you want. They're generally good quality and better value at plant sales than garden centres. I hope the sun is still shining when your visitors arrive. Pizza and salad in the garden, yum! xx

  3. The sign looks fab - nice and clear so people can't mistake the number, but then the flowers make it pretty. Good work on the garden table, too. Nobody will notice any creases, and you can always pop a little table cloth on it of you want it to look particularly posh 😁

  4. Your sign is just lovely and the table looks great.

    God bless.

  5. I Love the house sign! Well done! And the table covering looks great. Thanks for posting the photos...Now off to look for King Charles' new photo...


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