Wednesday 22 May 2024

Wow that's quick

 It was all go yesterday.  Around 08.30 am I emailed the decorating contractors who were going to be doing the external painting, asking for a definite date if possible, as 'shortly' was very imprecise!  Half an hour later, they turned up, to my complete surprise - I thought Wow!  That's the quickest response ever!  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  Actually, I knew it wasn't in response to my email, I'd had an instant automated reply saying they'd get back to me in 2 working days, it just struck me as being very funny.  They'd come to do preparation work - 2 very charming and helpful guys, father and son as it happened, they helped to move things where necessary and explained what would be happening.  They cleaned out the gutters, being careful not to disturb the sparrows nesting which I pointed out to them, then wiped down all the walls, fascias and windowsills.  They painted the wooden fascias and soffits and cleaned up after themselves.  They said they'll be back on Friday, or possibly Monday, to paint the walls.

Whilst this was happening, we had another knock on the door - a surveyor from the Housing Association to come and inspect some damp and mould that's appeared on our front lounge wall and in the bathroom.  He did initially come across as patronising (she's just an elderly woman who knows nothing type of attitude) and tried to put the blame on us (not opening windows or having the heating on), but I wasn't having that - I informed him that I worked for a chartered building surveyor for many years so knew the different types of dampness and what caused them, which soon changed his attitude and he became quite friendly.  I showed him the non-working kitchen and bathroom extractor fans - he didn't actually believe they didn't work until he tried them for himself, and then admitted they didn't.  He took photos of everything, made notes on his iPad and said he would arrange for the extractor fans to be serviced or replaced and the bathroom ceiling to be repainted with specialist mould guard paint (he reckoned it's ordinary emulsion on there - I should add that the whole bungalow was redecorated by the Housing Association contractors before we moved in, so they obviously cut corners!).

Betty wore herself out with excitement over all these potential new friends, she didn't know who to attempt to play with first.  I did ask husband to take her out for a walk whilst it was all going on, but he either didn't hear me or was too busy chatting to the decorators outside.  In the end, I shut her in my bedroom.  

I'd started doing some banking and budgeting, I also wanted to do a shopping list for next week, before sister arrives.  With everything that was going on though, I kept being interrupted and distracted, so will do it today instead.  Husband's going to his Sheds group this morning, so that'll give me a clear couple of hours to get things done.

He's decided he's not going to the indoor bowls on a Tuesday evening anymore, he's found it a bit boring to be honest, there are only 5 or 6 others who go, and he says they're all older than him!  But he wants to keep up with Men in Sheds, and is going regularly to the gym on a Thursday.


  1. That was quick!! Impressive too.
    A shame the housing association was a bit more sticky - well done for putting him right on that one. Hopefully what they have said they will do will sort out that damp problem. xx

  2. Brilliant news re the decorators, your bungalow is going to look beautiful by next week with it's fresh paint and the lovely garden you are creating. And well done you on standing up for yourself with the surveyor, they jump to all the wrong conclusions as soon as they see a 'little woman' sometimes. We had that a lot when we were having our property renovated, and had to point out to a few of the workers that we used to own a building company and we knew what we were talking about and asking for from them.

  3. We have a bowling green here, in the winter the members tend to relocate to the indoor bowling sessions. Rolling balls on a mat doesn't appeal to me either. I hope hubby keeps up with the sheddies. A cup of tea and a natter with creative people, and he might learn some new skills.

  4. Well, you can't grumble at that! Your bungalow will be all spick and span before long. I hate it when professionals (usually men) treat people (usually women) as though they're stupid. It's been a long time since we were "that little woman who wouldn't understand and who doesn't need to bother her pretty, little head about it." A shame about the bowls, but if he's not enjoying it... Maybe there will be other activities he can get involved with. At least he's enjoying the Shed and the gym, and you get a bit of time to do your thing! xx

  5. I bet the shed group is really good for you hubby. Men need the company of other men.

  6. Wow, that was very quick!!! Glad to read that things are being looked after so quickly.

    God bless.


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