Saturday 25 May 2024

Sitting is no good for you (well, me)

 Whilst it was lovely seeing husband's siblings after several years, all that sitting around talking for hours 2 days running seemed to wear me out, and certainly did my back in - sitting for a long period of time is one of the worst things to affect my back.  Consequently, yesterday I was in agony for much of the day, and surprisingly tired.  I did just the necessary housework and food prep in the morning, then sat in the recliner armchair in my bedroom to get on with menu planning and writing the shopping list for the end of next week, for when sister comes - it's a week today!  Though the chair is comfy, I did have to keep getting up and walking around a bit, to ease my back.  It's a bit better today, thankfully.... although I've got shoulder and side of my neck pains today, there's always something! 

A few weeks after we'd moved in, I sorted out pictures (we had quite a lot) for the rooms, including some for husband's room.....he'd not got round to putting them up, saying he wasn't bothered.  Well, it was about time he put them up, especially since sister will be using his room for the week, so I chivvied him into doing it, finally.  I got him to swap a couple of light shades around too, I'd realised they'd look better swapped around in different rooms.

I'm looking forward to going out for the carvery tomorrow - not sure what the vegetarian option is, instead of the roast meat, but if it's something I don't fancy then it doesn't matter, there'll be lots of lovely veggies to choose from, carveries generally have a good selection.  A plate of roast potatoes, root veg mash, honey roasted carrots and parsnips, buttered Savoy cabbage and/or Brussels sprouts, and definitely cauliflower cheese, stuffing and gravy and I'm happy.  And having it cooked for me and cleared up afterwards so I don't have to do a thing, is a real pleasure too.

Betty's lawn has rooted really well and is looking great, strong and healthy.  We took the canes down and let her on it for the first time yesterday, she carefully and slowly walked all around it, sniffing it all - and then peed on it.  We sprinkled it with the watering can straight away....obviously we know she'll be peeing on it and we won't necessarily see her do it every time, but we'll continue to water it regularly anyway, don't want burnt brown patches from her urine.  Especially not on such a small area of lawn.  It's ready for the first cut too, it's really grown strongly as we've been watering it every day, husband will give it a light cut with the strimmer.


  1. It's amazing how tired you can get from doing nothing, isn't it? I hope your back is feeling better, but as you say, there's always something. I say to my husband, "remember when we didn't have backs, knees and hips?" Now I get aches and pains and twinges in places I didn't even know I had. Oh, the joys of getting older!
    I'm glad Betty is enjoying her lawn. I can picture her snoozing on it in the sunshine. You'll have to get a parasol for her - if we ever get summer! xx

  2. Dog wee on grass is a big problem for us. We have our own dog and a few months back inherited another dog both are male. We have 2 big lawns, now full of wee burn brown patches. Husband gets loads of free turf offcuts from his work place and patches up every week, but it's a never ending job. TBH, it's really making me miserable - I love gardening - nothing posh, just flowers, etc, but every day I feel there's just no point.

  3. I have much the same problem with my back, but add in standing for too long causes me problems as well. Walking does ease the pain a bit.

    God bless.

  4. Well done, Betty - claiming it for her own! xx


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