Tuesday 21 May 2024

What noise? And not very helpful...

 It was a lovely day yesterday, warm and sunny all day, although it started off a bit hazy or misty first thing but the sun soon burnt that away.  Husband went off to take the car to the garage for a minor problem - it's one of the things he's a bit obsessive about at the mo.  Well, he's always had a tendency to be somewhat obsessive about the car - frequently asks things like "Can you hear that noise?".  To which I reply "What noise?".  All cars make noises when they're being driven as far as I'm concerned, well I guess with the possible exception of electric vehicles....I wouldn't know, I've never been in one.  So I can't distinguish what is a different or worrying noise from any of the other general noises πŸ˜‚.  Anyway, it turned out to be something and nothing, the garage man did some little adjustment to appease husband and didn't charge, so he was happy.

I spent a couple of hours in the garden, weeding, pruning, tying in new growth on climbing plants and generally tidying up.  Every day (well, when it's not raining) I spend some time sweeping the paths, as during the night creatures (I don't know what) seem to disturb the gravel and throw bits of it over the paths.....Betty does too, simply by walking over the gravelled areas, although occasionally she does snuffle around or scrape up the gravel, she must smell something interesting.  The back fence is covered with ivy and bindweed.....whilst I don't mind it, the greenery looks much better than the old worn fence, the bindweed in particular does need to be kept in check by regular pruning or it'll take over the flower bed.  I know bindweed is a vigorous pest, but I do like the flowers!  The fence, upright planks not fence panels, is very old and disintegrating in places, our Housing Association won't replace it though until or unless it actually falls down.  The greenery is doing a pretty good job of holding it all up though, so I'm not concerned about it, there are no gaps and it's secure enough to keep Betty in.

The firepit arrived yesterday, I like it, although it's a bit smaller than I's fine though, we haven't got a huge space and there won't be a big crowd in the garden!  Must remember to take a photo...

We had a letter put through the door yesterday, from a local firm of decorators - our Housing Association are employing them to paint the exterior of all our bungalows.  The letter states that they will be coming to do the work 'soon', and asks that we all move everything away from our house walls.  Just 'soon', no actual date given - which would be helpful to know if they want us to move things!  Think I might have to ring up and ask...


  1. I think your husband and mine must be twins! Mine will also ask if I can hear something when in the car. It's a car, moving along a road with other vehicles and I wear hearing aids - NO I can't hear that vague noise!
    I like ivy, and the wildlife like it too. I don't have any bindweed, but I agree, the flowers are lovely. I could swap you for some ground elder! 🀣
    Don't you love it when businesses are vague about visiting? It's like those who say they'll arrive between 8am and 7pm. Do they think we have nothing else to do but wait in for them? I hope you get some clearer idea of what "soon" actually means. Enjoy the sunshine. xx

  2. I hear noises all the time that other people can't hear...buzzing noises usually. I could hear the kitchen tap dripping from upstairs through a closed door.. it drove me mad and the people downstairs said they couldn't hear it. My daughter, who is autistic, can hear electricity. I hate those vague 'soon' timeliness. I need to know!

  3. My Larry never hears anything mechanical coming from the car...I always have to alert him (he wears hearing aids).
    I still need to get to the local nursery and find more perennials!

  4. LOL, in this household I am the one that sometimes hears strange noises with the car as I am the one who drives it the most. Harvey takes a bit of time to hear anything strange.

    God bless.

  5. I can never hear car noises - I rely on my annual service and any passengers . . . xx


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