Sunday 27 March 2022

A lovely time

 Home now, I've unpacked and got the washing in the machine ready to do overnight.  We've had a really lovely few days, doing virtually nothing except catching up with old friends and making new ones, reading and crocheting (me) and TV watching (him).  And sitting in the sun.  I've done minimal cooking, which has been really nice.....I'm going to be doing more (well, less!) of that.  I've decided to have a batch cooking day regularly, making meals to be frozen, so I can just reheat and serve them up with salad or fresh (or even frozen) veg, rather than cooking a meal from scratch every day.....frankly, I'm fed up with doing that.  And I most certainly don't want to be doing it in the caravan - it gets too hot inside for that, and I want to relax whilst I'm there.  We've got a barbeque here at home so will be taking that to the van, and we'll be eating a lot more salads or cold stuff.  Two meals I particularly enjoyed whilst there.....a tuna and feta couscous salad, made using a lemon & coriander flavoured packet couscous with a tin of tuna and some crumbled feta, chopped cucumber and tomatoes, served on a bed of little gem lettuce.  And today's lunch....husband asked if I was doing a roast - what, in this heat, in the caravan!!!  Erm no, I said, go to the supermarket and buy a roasted chicken off the hot counter, and a crusty sourdough loaf.  So he did, and that's what we had - just that, spit roasted chicken and lovely buttered sourdough.  With a squirt of mayo.  Delicious.

The only fly in the ointment about the last few days was my hayfever - it started the day we arrived at the van.....I guess because of lots of trees and things starting to bloom, and because I was outside a lot of the time (I always get hayfever very early in the season).  So when my eyes and nose were streaming and itching too much, I had to keep going inside the van.  I did have a packet of antihistamines there, thankfully, although they didn't seem to be very effective!  Possibly because they were last year's (and maybe even out of date 😂). Never mind, my hayfever doesn't last all summer, thank goodness.

Looking at the weather forecast, which is practically back to winter for the latter half of this week, we won't be going back to the van until probably the middle of next week, if not later.  Husband's got a phone appointment with his prostate consultant on Tuesday, Betty's going to the groomer on Wednesday.  I'm hoping my x-ray results will be in this week, it would be nice to know exactly what's going on with my knee, it's been particularly painful the last day or 2.

Happy Mother's Day to the mums out there, and a hug for those of you (like me) who wish their mum was here for a chat and a hug today.  Especially Joy, must be a bittersweet day indeed for you xx

There are some people very dear to me who I've been missing a lot lately.  It doesn't get any easier.


  1. That sounds like the best kind of weekend. Friends, food and relaxing. What could be better.

  2. Your little break sounds like it's done you a power of good, apart from the hayfever, of course! I hope you both get some joy from your medical problems. Your hubby has been waiting far too long to get sorted. I do think grief never truly goes away, it just becomes a dull ache in the back of your mind, which sometimes pops, unexpectedly, to the front. xx

  3. Sounds a lovely break away, I'm sure you'll be feeling energised after it all.

  4. Thanks, Sooze. It's good to have so many lovely memories.
    Batch cooking is a great idea - it saves so much time and effort in the longer term.
    And good luck for the medical appointments - I hope they are really helpful.

  5. It all sounds great, and that nice simple chicken lunch sounds delicious and so much better than cooking a full on roast dinner on a hot day.

    My hayfever has really kicked off this year, it must be the sudden heat making ALL the plants kick out their pollen at once. Oh well back to squirting stuff up my nose :-)


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