Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Last few jobs before Caravan day

 The car's in the garage today, hopefully sorting out one of the problems.  Thanks for all your suggestions of things we could possibly try instead - we've considered them all and discounted them all for one reason or another.  We're taking our chances with the car to transport everything this week.  If it doesn't work out - well, we will have tried and will have to do something else.....wait until we trade it in and get another vehicle I guess.  All this is very annoying, but we'll get there in the might just have to be later rather than sooner.

Blimmin awful weather yesterday, I don't mind it, I had plenty to do as usual, but on rainy miserable days husband just mooches around doing nothing, other than take Betty out for a couple of short walks (she's not keen on going out in wet windy weather either, can't say I blame her).  I had the last lot of washing to put on, made a couple of pies, made some flapjacks at husband's request - he loves flapjack but I don't make it very often, far too much sugary stuff.  I did cut it into fairly small pieces, it's now also in the freezer.  Did a meal plan for the coming week.  Did the end of month banking - February wasn't as low spend a month as I'd hoped, but still within budget and I have managed to transfer some cash to the savings account.

For dinner yesterday we had the remains of Sunday's belly pork, stir fried with lots of veggies and some brown rice, and a bit of leftover bbq sauce that had been lurking at the back of the fridge.  Today we're having one of the pies I made yesterday (sausage, stuffing, chestnuts and pepper sauce) with green veggies - if we're having pastry I try to stick to green veg with it, rather than carby root veg.

I bought a 2.5 kg bag of new potatoes that had been reduced to 45p the other day.  This morning I'm going to slice a load of them, along with a couple of onions and part cook them in the microwave.  I'll make up a herby white sauce to cover them and then freeze in tubs.  Another couple of kitchen jobs to do after that, then this afternoon I'm just going to sit and relax with my crochet....yet another throw for the caravan, using up some remnants in my stash.


  1. Oh, I do hope the car gets sorted enough to get you to (and from!) the caravan. It must be so annoying and worrying. The weather here this morning is misty and damp. I'm itching to get some gardening done, but I'm a fair weather gardener. Still, hopefully the warmer weather is just around the corner. You'll be able to sit in your caravan garden and relax. xx

  2. My fingers are very firmly crossed for the car. I really do hope they manage to sort out the worst of the problems without too much expense.

    It's very wet here this morning and yesterday was damp. Frustrating for you but you sound OK about it. xx

  3. Do you ever stop Sue? I'm busy every morning but plan afternoons to be more relaxed, reading most of the time. I'm waiting for the weather to warm so I can be in the garden, but that's not until sometime in May.

  4. Fingers crossed that you get the car sorted out. There always seems to be a worry, doesn't there, it's the boiler for us at the moment. British Gas came out yesterday, they're bringing a part today but I think we're going to need a new one. They're not cheap either. Archie's just the same as Betty, he doesn't like bad weather, he sticks his nose out the door and turns round again, haha, I can't say I blame them really.

  5. I do hope you can get to the caravan Sooze. It will be lovely for you to sort it out ready for the good weather. Oh how I miss ours :(

  6. I think we will all have our fingers firmly crossed when you set off in the car :-)

    Suky hates any bad weather too, she thinks we are totally mad for even attempting to take her out in it.

  7. Our dog hates the rain. She loves puddles, sea swimming, jumping in streams but if a shower comes down she's straight indoors.


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