Sunday 6 March 2022

.....and then not so well - Edited

 Yesterday didn't go as disasters, just frustrating really, but it'll all get sorted during the coming week.

Part of the trouble is husband's constant overthinking and making things more complicated than they need to be, and his total disorganisation - honestly, after 40 years you'd think I'd be used to it.  I know he can't help it, it's a lot to do with his dyslexia and dyspraxic tendencies - his mind works totally differently to mine, and he's so blimmin clumsy he could trip over a leaf, and gathers cuts and bruises galore from bashing his fingers or head or knocking into things.  As I was a secretary for most of my working life, I'm supremely organised, total opposite of him.

When I want to do some baking, for example, I gather everything I need together first of all - as would most of us, no doubt.  It would be sensible for husband to do the same prior to doing a DIY job - only he doesn't, he constantly walks backwards and forwards to wherever he keeps his tools, picking up one thing at a time as he needs it.  When he's finished using a particular tool, he puts it down (beside him usually) and instantly forgets where he's put it - I've always said his hands are completely disconnected from his brain.  So then he spends (wastes) more time wandering around looking for it, or asking "Have you seen my Phillips screwdriver / hammer / hacksaw?" - normally right beside his knee, foot or hand 😒

If only he were more organised and less forgetful, and didn't waste so much time collecting or looking for tools, jobs would take literally half the time.  And he spent an hour wittering on and trying to work out how to take off an odd bit of wood that he insisted shouldn't be there and needed to come off (the screws were rusted in place) whereas I said he should just leave it as it would be hidden behind the sofa and nobody would see it.  He got it off in the end, there's an hour we'll never get back!

Anyway, he's now boarded out the wall behind the new sofa and laid the extra piece of carpet, and we put the sofa and recliner chair in place.  Although they do fit (we'd made sure to measure up beforehand), it is a bit of a tight fit and feels a bit cramped.  So having stood looking at it all and thinking about it, we've decided to take out part of a cupboard and shelf area beside the chair, this will give an extra 8" or so of space which will make all the difference, and we'll be much happier.  So that's a job for next week.

Here's Betty testing out the new sofa:-


This is my blog, I will say what I like on here.  If you don't like things I say, you don't have to read.  I make no apology for not publishing comments that have a go at me, from people who don't know me and don't live with me!  You only know what I choose to publish on here, which isn't everything.  


  1. Well at least you have a husband that does get things done. Mine says "We must do ..." and I know it'll end up me doing! Betty seems to approve of the new sofa. I love all the purple throws and cushions, makes it all look so cosy. xx

  2. it looks really lovely and Betty obviously approves.

  3. He sounds just like Tony except he clearly gets things done. I have given up asking now and just get on with it myself. That purple is absolutely gorgeous and Betty looks very comfortable.

  4. Not much room for anyone else once Betty is in place, lol

  5. You two sound exactly like me and Alan so I feel your pain!!

    It looks like Betty has staked her claim on the sofa :-)

  6. My husband talks about it for 3 months then thinks about it for another 3 and then doesn't do anything at all lol.I do everything in our house.Love your gorgeous dog.x

  7. Perfect sized sofa for Betty. ha! I love the purple.

  8. Oh, Sooze, just seen your edit. Seems you've been getting people who don't like what you write. Only 2 words for them - Sod off! (that's the edited version, the original wasn't quite so polite!) xx

  9. Betty is giving her approval. I could make lists of things not done, need to get done. We're both work organized but not home organized. Think of that perfect day when your frustrations peek.

  10. Hugs. It is hard to watch those who work differently from us. It would make me spare too. The couch and Betty look wonderful.

  11. Oh goodness,sorry you are getting bad comments. I really like reading all you tell us. I don't see how anyone could leave you bad comments. They could just read and leave or quit need to be abusive or mean to you.
    Carry on as you were woman we are all with you in spirit!!!!!!!

  12. Now in my case Harvey is actually a bit more organized than me when it comes to working on projects. That works well as I don't have to pick up all his tools. My organizational skills are different in that everything is put away after use, Harvey on the other hand leaves them lying around for days on his workbench and then spends hours getting things tidied up.

    Love the couch.

    Ignore the trolls, I do.

    God bless.

  13. Sadly, sounds familiar - perhaps it is a generation thing?

    Sorry to learn some people think they have the right to comment negatively on your life. When there is so much destruction in the world this week there really are more important things to get het up about.

  14. I’m so sorry that people feel the need to make negative comments. I really enjoy reading your Blog and if others don’t, well there are plenty of other Blogs to read. Whatever happened to if you don’t have anything nice to say, then say nothing at all?❤️❤️Jennie


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