Sunday, 20 March 2022

A lovely chilled weekend

 I was overcome with tiredness by mid evening yesterday and went to bed early (all this lazing around is very tiring! 😂).  Slept like a log and didn't wake up until just after 5 this morning, when Betty decided to jump on me......she laid half across my legs and went to sleep immediately.  I soon had to turf her off, as I was getting pins and needles in my legs, she weighs a ton, and by then I needed a wee and my first big frothy coffee of the day.  Bright sunshine from the get go this morning, although there was a stiff chilly breeze.  Betty was full of the joys of Spring and was running around the garden with her new rope ball (already half destroyed, she is a chewer) having a lovely game of wearing Daddy out.....I had to remind them both to keep the noise down as it was before 8.30 on a Sunday morning and normal people have a lie in - not that there were many people around to hear them!  Still hardly anybody here, only 4 of the other statics occupied, out of 36 or so.  And only 1 of the 8 or 10 seasonal touring caravans had people staying.  Beats me why more people don't come and make use of their vans more often, especially when the weather's so nice - they still have to pay their annual site fees whether they use the vans or not.  Last year, there were never more than half the vans occupied, if that, when we were there - I know people come at all different times, and most live further away than we do.  Each to their own, I suppose.

The park is divided roughly into two halves, bisected by the access drive.  The lower half contains around half of the statics, plus the permanent touring vans right down the bottom (and the few holiday tourers/campers during the main summer season), the upper half is just statics, with around half a dozen holiday touring pitches which are only used in summer.  The bottom half is nearer the road (which is a main road and quite busy, therefore has traffic noise) and is more level, the upper half is further away from the road, thus a bit quieter, and has the best views, although it's hillier and quite steep in places.  We're in the upper half, which I'm glad about, we don't notice the road noise nearly so much......although my best friend always complains about the traffic noise when he comes to visit (I suspect tongue firmly in cheek!).  In fact, we don't actually notice the traffic noise at all now.....other than when there's a motorbike rally on somewhere near, the bikes use the main road as an access road to the rallies.  This weekend, it's only been us in the upper half, the few other owners here for the weekend were all in the lower half.  So it's been really peaceful.

We've had a lovely time, I've done nothing except read (I read a complete book by an author I've not read before, although she's written loads of books - Stolen by Lesley Pearse, I enjoyed it).  Well, I did do the cooking, which only involved heating up meals I'd brought from home and serving with salad, and the washing up.  Husband swept up the leaves and twigs off the fake grass in the garden, and mowed the grass around the van - the park owner mows the bulk of the site with his ride-on mower, but each van owner is responsible for cutting the grass around their own vans.  I had a few chats with the park owner's partner, we get on well and both love our dogs - she has a lovely fluffy white Labradoodle.  Husband chatted with the other owners, and watched the rugby.  We both feel really chilled and relaxed, Betty's had a lovely time in and out of the garden.....she lies in the sun for 10 minutes at a time, then comes in when she gets too warm.

I don't know why husband couldn't get the boiler to light on Friday, but he lit it no problem Saturday morning, so we had hot water.  He had a bit of trouble with the TV too, a lot of pixellating on some channels....doesn't bother me, I'm not really interested in telly watching, but at least he got to watch all the rugby matches with no problems.

We've got a few things on this week, hence why we came home today, but will be back to the van next weekend, as the weather forecast is good again, warmer even than this weekend.  How lovely.

I'll leave you with one photo - Betty lying in the sun this morning:-

More tomorrow when I've uploaded them all.


  1. That sounds like a perfectly lovely time you've had. It'll do you good to relax and enjoy that lovely 'cottage home' this coming year.

  2. Sounds perfect. Once we retire we'll be at lake cabin most weekends from Mid March to November but just too much to do now. Maybe others around you will spend more time in future years.

  3. Perfect way to spend the weekend.

    God bless.

  4. I can tell you're relaxed and happy. And Betty obviously approves! I think there was some sort of problem with the TV signal yesterday. Hubby watches Peaky Blinders and it kept freezing. They did apologise after the programme, so not our telly! xx

  5. Your weekend sounds lovely and it is lovely to see Betty looking so relaxed outside. I think we all badly need to 'chill' for a while - two years this week since our first 3 week lockdown started (that lasted 3 months), Brexit, inflation and now Ukraine.

    Like SAM we have too much to do around the house/garden at present but have decided to work hard at it all now in the hope that we can relax a bit later in the year. Fingers crossed.

  6. It all looks and sounds blissful - I'm so glad. After quite a tough time, I'm glad you are getting some fun again.
    Three cheers for the boiler deciding to cooperate again. :-)

  7. Thanks or sharing your photos. It all sounds lovely there at the caravan park. We are still chilly with a bit of snow hanging around here. The snow should be gone soon.


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