Monday, 7 March 2022

Good but frustrating!

 Thank you for all the nice comments.  Incidentally, I wasn't really complaining about husband, merely stating the facts.  It's very frustrating watching someone do something in what seems to be a very arse-about-face way, when it could be made so much easier.....not that he listens to my opinion nor does he allow me to help very often - he likes to do things his way!  Even if that way is very long winded and complicated, and he's smearing blood from a cut finger over everything πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚ Bless him.

Yes he is a good handyman, although finds things more difficult nowadays with age.  As for him getting on and doing things.....well yes, eventually - sometimes!  Other times it takes weeks or months before he'll get round to doing even a simple job (e.g., the curtain rail in the hallway is hanging off the wall at one end where he broke it last summer, having knocked it off when carrying something downstairs.  I suppose it will get fixed or a new one bought sometime this year!).

Betty is only a medium sized dog, about the height of a spaniel, she is very chunky though (inherited from her Bulldog father).  She does normally curl up in a ball when sleeping on the sofa, here at home or in the caravan, but when neither of us is sitting there she sometimes stretches out, taking up virtually the whole sofa.  Or if one of us is sitting on the sofa, she might stretch out a bit and rest her head on our lap.  At the moment whilst I'm typing this, she's got her head on the armrest and her back feet digging into my thigh.

We're off to the van again shortly, hopefully the last bit of work will be completed today.  The forecast isn't very good for the rest of this week, so we probably won't be going back until next week.  I've got 2 appointments this week anyway, chiropodist on Wednesday and my knee x-ray on Friday.  We'll go and do some shopping during the week, getting supplies for the caravan kitchen cupboards and bathroom, for when we do start staying there again.


  1. Yes, men do seem to do things in the most complicated way. It drives me mad when we're making lunch and he'll get things out of the fridge one by one, making several trips and opening and closing the door. Or he'll put the kettle on to make a drink, but not get the cups ready! Aaaaargh! Still, we love 'em, even though they're not perfect, like us!πŸ˜‚ xx

  2. Sue, can you get the weather fore caste changed for the weekend, we are back down in Somerset this weekend. I watch my hubby do things, like you I'm not allowed to help, it has to be done his way, I can't watch him, so I always walk away.

  3. I loved your blanket on the last post the colours are beautiful, I wondered if the pattern was from Attic 24.
    My GD has a French Bulldog and came from a rescue centre.
    Enjoy your stay at the caravan today and hope the car behaves
    Hazel 🌈🌈

  4. It is really frustrating watching someone do something that you know could be done in a much simpler and more logical fashion ... and as for waiting for jobs to be done well, I'll be older and even wrinklier before Alan ever gets around to putting the back seat car covers on my car after it was MOT'd so I can use it with the dogs again. I've only asked about 3 times a week for the past four weeks up to now!!

  5. I understand completely. I can ask Tony to do something for weeks but the minute I get on and do it myself he tries to take over. Far better I do it myself to start with.

  6. Despite my hubby being a fantastic DIYer he overthinks stuff. I end up saying what is it youre not happy with and then I show him a youtuber and it seems to solve it. But it can be frustrating nevertheless. I hope we get some decent weather soon!

  7. The 'delete' button is a wonderful thing :-)

    Mine ~always~ says he will do anything that needs fixing. And at the time he says it he really does mean it.

    But within an hour or so he has forgotten his promise and unless I keep reminding him nothing happens. Sadly, these days it is usually quicker and easier if I try to fix things myself.


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