Thursday, 31 March 2022

Oh bugger it!

 Went to town first thing this morning to do a small top up shop of milk and fresh veg, and some soup for lunch as it's now gone freezing cold again.  I forgot to put my knee brace on and my knee collapsed 3 times in the shop - it's a good job I was pushing a trolley or I'd have fallen over.  I always use a trolley when supermarket shopping, regardless of how little I'm getting - it's something to hold onto.

And on the way back, the 'check engine' warning lights came on again, as predicted by our cheerful mechanic friend-of-a-friend.  This car, and what to do with it/how to get rid of it, is now a real problem.  We might have to bite the bullet and flog it via that website that Philip Schofield advertises, who will buy ANY car regardless of condition.  Which means we'll get next to nothing for it.  But we can't sell it (by any means) until we find and buy another car.  I bloody well hate bloody cars, they're nothing but money pits and problems.  Well, the ones we can afford to buy are.  Husband's windfall pension is disappearing fast, and that's a huge problem for the (fairly near) future, as it will run out before I get my State pension.

Both of us are suffering from lack of sleep, through worry and assorted aches and pains.  And just to add to the list of problems, my phone is on the way out - has been for a while actually, the wallet case is falling to bits as well but I've not bothered to replace it as there's little point when the phone is knackered.  

Oh, and our landlord informed us the other day that it appears we need a new roof, so he's arranging for that to be done.  The very thought of all the upheaval, noise, scaffolding all over my lovely garden just when plants are coming to life, is giving me a headache already, so we've decided that when it happens we'll decamp to the caravan.  Thank goodness we've got it.  I don't know when it'll happen, landlord does tend to take ages to arrange things.

Problem relative is being a pain in the neck again, I've tried blocking him again but to no avail - whether it's user error on my part (possible) or simply due to to my problematic phone I've no idea.  So I just have to ignore the texts and delete them as they happen.

So, nothing good to report at the moment, sorry about that.  I'm not getting despondent though, I just plough on regardless.  Nothing is bad forever.


  1. Oh, Sooze! As you say, nothing lasts forever. Maybe the roof renovation won't be as bad as you envisage, and at least you can disappear to the caravan. I hope you can sort out the car and phone without too much hassle and expense. Why does everything seem to go wrong at the same time? We've just tested negative prior to a wedding tomorrow. Not sure how I feel about that! On one hand, I'm glad we've not got Covid, but on the other, I'm not too happy about being with lots of other people. Just have to wear our masks and keep away from others as much as possible.😷 xx

  2. Oh chuck you are having a rough time of it. Decamp to the caravan and leave your phone at home.

  3. Well done for not letting the problems you are facing get you down. It never rains but it pours, seems to follow me around too. I hope there is something that can be done for your knee it sounds awful.

  4. Cars are useful but yes a pain when they go wrong I hate that. My computer is playing up and its like a dripping tap, I keep trying to sort it but can't, grrrrrr! But you do have your lovely caravan to go to and just enjoy the time there as best you can.

  5. I get used to all the niggles of every day life now, there's always something. Like you say Sooze, just plough on, that's all we can do.

  6. And if the same as here, useable used cars are nearly impossible to find. I'm sorry all these things keep happening. The caravan seems like a good respite to it all.

  7. Sending hugs and good vibes. A load seems to have hit you all at once. I hope that things settle soon!

  8. Glad you are staying positive and have the caravan to retreat to. These things do always seem to come at once.

  9. Thank goodness for the caravan and ignoring the troublesome on is the only thing you can do really, isn't it? (((hugs)))


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