Wednesday, 9 March 2022

Books and shopping

 Thanks once again for the comments, we love the new furniture, it's so much more comfortable.  Sam, you asked about books.....there's a long shelf the whole width of the van, over the top of the front windows, you can just see it here in this photo taken when we first bought the van (also showing the original hideous sofa, before we steam cleaned and covered it, and then decided to take it out altogether):-

It's the perfect place to keep books, I've already got plans for it, I regularly buy second hand paperbacks from a couple of local charity shops, and swap books with some neighbours.  I have a bagful waiting to be taken over, along with my 2 lovely dog ornaments to use as book ends.  They're a Shar Pei and an English Bulldog, in honour of Betty's parents, I call them her mum and dad.

Marlene, you're right, I can always think of things to do in the caravan and garden.....our lovely van neighbour Jean also said she doesn't believe I'll ever be finished doing little improvements  ๐Ÿ˜‚  And yes I have cardmaking supplies and a bag of yarn and couple of hooks in the van, just to keep me occupied!

We went shopping yesterday, to stock up on tins, jars, packet foods etc, both for home larder and the caravan.  It occurred to me just how fortunate we are to be able to do this, when the people of the Ukraine don't even know if they will still be alive tomorrow or, if they are, whether they will have a home or any kind of food or medical supplies.  So when we got home, I did a bit of googling and found a local lady who is gathering and transporting medical supplies to a friend who lives in Poland near the border with Ukraine, who in turn is distributing the supplies to refugees and medics.  She has a GoFundMe page, so I've made a donation on there.  I'm sure she's genuine, as her story has been featured in the local press.  It's not much, but it's all I can do really.

Husband took it upon himself to help unpack the shopping (my knee was really painful and had given way in the supermarket, for the first time since I've been wearing the knee brace).  Despite having told him, at least twice, that half of the supplies were for the caravan, he packed it all away into the utility room cupboards....which meant I then had to take out half of it and re-pack it into bags to be taken to the van.  Whatever I say to him goes into his ear then instantly disappears into a vast empty void inside his head, I reckon ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‚


  1. < chuckle > - one wonders which bit of 'for the caravan' was so hard to understand. Bless him, it was nice of him to put the stuff away though.

  2. It's definitely a man thing, that selective hearing! You're really making your caravan into a little nest for the three of you. I feel quite envious! At our big Tesco, there's a couple of trolleys for supplies for Ukraine. A local church and the Polish community are delivering them to refugee centres. Each time we go, we buy something to put in them. I can't even begin to imagine the terror and misery the Ukrainian people are going through. xx

  3. I did smile at the selective most men I think.

  4. I often think I'm talking to myself because I have to say something three times before it sinks in! Not always, but sometimes. The situation in Ukraine is just terrible and I think we all feel helpless, there's so little we can do to help. It's just important to do whatever we can.

  5. My name should be 'Polly Parrot' lol. Tom is deaf as well a selective and I have to repeat everything many times. When I shout so that he can hear he gets shirty and says that I need not shout. Can't win, lol

  6. I never had this problem until DH retired and it feels like his brain and sometimes common sense stayed at his place of work or maybe it is because he is now 'helping' with jobs which were solely in my domain at one time and although I enjoy pottering around the house he definitely needs something much more challenging to think about or his little grey cells are going to grind to a halt.
    I think with the Ukraine situation it is a case of every little bit helps and someone will benefit.... and collectively that will be a lot of help.


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