Thursday, 24 March 2022

Set for a lovely weekend

 Gorgeous day yesterday, warm and sunny all day.  I did more weeding, pruning and tidying up in the front garden, husband strimmed and pottered in the back garden.  Washing dried quickly in the sunshine.  I rejigged the menu for the next few days as we'll be in the caravan.....I really don't want to spend ages cooking there.  Prepped and roasted a trayful of Mediterranean veggies, whilst the oven was on for yesterday's dinner (plaice roasted in a foil parcel, with cauli cheese, peas and broccoli).  The Med veggies are for today's dinner in the caravan, reheated with some diced chicken breast and pesto sauce.  We're going after lunch today.

Whilst the days are forecast to be sunny and warm again (18 deg), the nights are still on the chilly side.  Which is ok, we stay warm enough with the electric fire and oil filled rads, and there are plenty of fleece blankets in the van.  We're going to be tackling the dreaded Cuckoo Pint weed, wearing gloves of course, and bagging it up to drop it off at the tip on the way home.  Other than that, we have nothing special we need to do - how lovely to be able to say that!  

The weather forecast isn't very good for the latter half of next week, the temperature will be dropping a few degrees and there'll be showers, so I doubt we'll be going next week.

Had a sneaky peek on the scales (I'm not due to weigh until Saturday, but we won't be here) and I've lost 4lbs.....all water of course, I've been peeing bucketloads.  Still pleasing though.  We will be eating 1 or 2 more carby things over the weekend, but on the whole staying with the new plan.


  1. It all sounds lovely - except for the forecast for next week. I've just checked our here which looked gorgeous the other day and, yes, lower temps and even some rain. Oh, well . . .
    Have a super day and well done with the poundage! xx

  2. Our weather is much the same as yours, I am loving being out in the garden, we should have George and Molly today with daughter, so plenty of laughter in the sun. Make sure you have some rest time at the van.

  3. In defence of Arum maculatum (the Lords & Ladies plant). Yes it is toxic but I have a lot of it growing wild in my garden and none of our dogs have ever gone near it. I sometimes pull up bits which are being a bit enthusiastic but they go on the compost heap with everything else.

    It's a native plant, it evolved for a reason (it is a natural fly trap) and the berries are loved by birds particularly pheasant.

    Lots of things we grow without a second thought are poisonous to dogs - tomato plants for example, geraniums, lobelia, primroses, snowdrops and daffodils. There is a complete list at the Dog's Trust website:

    1. That's interesting Jayne, thank you. As I said before, Betty eats grass occasionally but I've not seen her eating anything else, and in any case, she wouldn't be allowed on that flower bed (she's never off the lead outside of the van garden). The main reason we want to get rid of it is because it's rampant and is smothering everything I planted there last year.

    2. My last girl was a also champion grass-eater but never touched anything else. It is [apparently] very unpleasant tasting which will dissuade most animals. But I do understand what you say about it being a bit of a thug and smothering other things.

  4. My pup will eat the grass before rain and then pay for it, poor guy. Waking up in the cold caravan to a hot coffee sounds inviting.

  5. How lovely it will be for you to be busy doing nothing. Sitting in the caravan garden with a good book and a cool drink sounds good to me. Well done on the weight loss. xx

  6. I do envy you that caravan.... in a nice way. Well done on the weight loss Sooze. It's nice to watch the numbers on the weighing scales appear isn't it.

  7. I lived in my caravan (a double axle ABI tourer) for 5 years and never, ever suffered with cold weather. It was sited permanently on a private site and I had a full length awning: just one oil-filled electric heater was sufficient to keep the 'van aired and warm in cold spells but normally I had a window or the door into the awning open.
    I am still economical with the heating in my 3-bedroom bungalow so I guess the caravan living and many tent-camping holidays acclimatised me to cooler temperatures. Quite handy these days with the energy price rises!

  8. I'm really missing living in the Van this year, even here in the Lodge the sunny weather makes me wish I was back at the Van ... it's a different atmosphere entirely isn't it. You'll know what I mean now you have your own.

    Hope you have a great weekend, I was shocked when I watched the weather report last night and the whole country turned a chilly shade of blue for next week after all this sunshine.


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