Wednesday, 30 March 2022


 Husband's phone consultation didn't take very long - the surgeon merely said that in view of the fact that it's been over 2.5 years since he had the last round of prostate tests, and the machine was broken when he went for one of the repeat tests last week, he'll need to have all of them done again, and of course he couldn't say how long that would take to arrange.  So husband is unfortunately another casualty of the pandemic situation.

I rang the surgery, again, to see if my xray results were back.....still no, the receptionist said it appears the delay is because the hospital have so many staff off sick with covid.  So both husband and I can do nothing but wait.  Frustrating, but there you go.

So yesterday I made 4 single portion lasagnes and 3 double portions of chilli.  I also made a dozen chocolate, banana and walnut muffins.  Everything now frozen.  I delegated the bathroom cleaning and bedroom hoovering to husband - he had nothing else to do after his phone call and then waiting for the mechanic to arrive late in the afternoon.  I did washing and tumble dried half of it, the rest I put on the airer upstairs, then sorted out another load to go in the machine and be done overnight.  I'd bought a big block of Cheddar in the freezer store on Monday (it was cheaper than buying ready grated), so I grated all of that and froze it - I use a lot of grated cheese.

Had a WhatsApp chat with my sister - her daughter, who has fibromyalgia, is just getting over covid, she's been quite poorly with it.  All our neighbours who had it seem to have recovered well, no new cases so far here....well, not that I've heard.  I did notice on Monday when we were in the freezer shop that hardly anyone else was wearing a mask - I don't understand people, infections are rising rapidly again here in Somerset and both major hospitals are telling people not to attend if they don't have to, as covid is rife in both of them and they're so short handed with staff off sick with it.  Frankly, husband and I are both surprised that we haven't caught it.....Yet!

The mobile mechanic (who is fast becoming a good friend!) is a bit baffled as to what's going on with the car warning lights.  He said what he thinks is the problem (it all went over my head so I'm not even going to attempt to explain) and is of the opinion that the warning lights may well keep coming on....even though he's fairly sure there's not actually a problem with the new switch he fitted.  We've to ring him again the next time it happens and he'll come and have another check.


  1. How frustrating for you both. I've just been watching Dr Hilary saying the Government want GP's to work an extra day a week, for no extra pay, so of course, many are leaving. The NHS has been squeezed for so long, that the pandemic has brought it to its knees. We seem to be in the minority when it comes to mask wearing, too, even though the rates of infection here are more than double the national average. A few weeks ago, they were well below. I hope your niece is recovering well. xx

  2. Would those be low carb muffins :-) I'm going to make some more flourless peanut butter cookies and use them as a dessert with a big scoop of caramel ice cream... not low carb but blimmin lovely.

  3. Sorry that covid is causing so many hold ups for you, hope your husband doesn't have to wait long to see someone again. Banana and chocolate muffins sound very nice..

  4. I sometimes wonder if this virus will ever mutate enough not to cause problems. I know of a few that have gotten it in the past few weeks. Still masking up here.

    God bless.

  5. How frustrating it all is.

    My tyre pressure light comes on occasionally and the care swears at me (well, bleeps at me, anyway). Once it was genuine, the other times have been false warnings.
    They said these gizmos can be over sensitive.
    I don't know it is so for your car but it's certainly a 'thing'.

    I'm glad your niece is recovering from Covid now.


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