Friday, 25 March 2022

Busy doing nothing

 It's been a glorious day, warm and sunny.  We went to The Range this morning to get a few things we needed for the van.  After lunch we both sat in the garden.....I read a book and crocheted, husband dozed, Betty alternated her naps between the garden and inside on my bed.  We had a few chats with other van neighbours (there's a few more here now).  And that's it.  We've not even started on the weeding, just had a very restful day, which is just what we both needed.  It'll probably be more of the same tomorrow!

Yes Sue you're right, it is a completely different atmosphere here at the caravan park.  At home I almost feel guilty for sitting down, there's always some job that needs doing.  Here I just don't feel the same sense of needing to do something or other, especially now the van and garden upgrading is almost all done.  We were chatting to the newest van owners, 5 or 6 vans away from us, they're doing a bit of upgrading in the van they've taken over.  They said they're in no rush (their van is much newer and needs less work than ours did, what they're doing is largely cosmetic) and will just take their they have all the time in the world.  Which is just how we feel.

I didn't even switch my laptop on until about 6 pm, to send a couple of emails, do the daily Wordle game (keeps my brain active!) and have a quick read of the paper.  The mifi signal is temperamental anyway, so I don't really feel inclined to be on the laptop much.


  1. It sounds absolutely heavenly!

  2. Just what the doctor ordered! xx

  3. I always enjoy hearing about your lovely times at the caravan.

  4. It sounds like cabin life. We clean and keep it neat, but it's meant for books, and fires, and swims.

  5. Sounds absolutely perfect. Enjoy and don't feel guilty about it at all.

    God bless.

  6. Relax and chill. Sounds like heaven. Have you tried doing Quordle too? I’m hooked on that as well now! Love all my spare time !

  7. I love Wordle and have a few really lucky days recently. :-)


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