Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Covid rising

 Re the eeks.....thank you for all the comments, especially Rambler, I've got some peppermint essential oil so I'll try that, great thanks 👍  I do know it's an irrational fear, as are most phobias (I know someone who has a phobia about buttons, e.g.!  Go figure!).  But rationale doesn't come into it with a phobia, does it?  I am sure 'they' are just as scared of me as I am of them, but it makes no difference to my feelings.  An extended family member who has the same phobia, actually paid to go on an aversion therapy course many years ago, to try and cure her (it didn't).  And when she told me about the course and what they were expected to do, I was completely horrified, I wouldn't even entertain the idea.  I know exactly why I have this phobia, I can trace it back to a particular incident in my childhood, all the details of which are indelibly fixed in my mind.  I think I'm unlikely to change after all these years.  

The mooch around town and the charity shops was ok, being quite early (9 am) the town was nearly empty, thank goodness as at least half of the people I saw (customers and shop staff) weren't wearing masks.  And yet Covid cases here in Somerset have risen by something like 63% in the past week!  Covid hasn't gone away, it's just been pushed into the background and overshadowed by the Ukraine war.  Well we are both still wearing masks when we go into shops, and we still don't go to any crowded events.  When we've been out for a coffee somewhere, we sit outside, unless it's raining and then we just don't go.

Oh I went off on a tangent there.....anyway, I found nothing of any interest at all in the charity shops.  I did buy the few things I needed for the van, at pretty reasonable prices (I don't buy anything unless it's a reasonable price that I'm willing to pay anyway).  My knee didn't like me walking all around town (I was wearing my brace) and was pretty painful for the rest of the day, it's ok this morning though, just the normal low level of pain.

We had our electricity statement for this past month, and I'm pleased to note that our little energy-saving things seem to be working......our bill is now £12 lower than last month's, and £27 lower than 4 months ago.  It'll be even lower naturally when we're spending more time at the caravan.  Obviously we use electricity there, but not so much - we use the oven a lot less, eat more salads or things on toast, and spend a lot of time outside.  And anyway, we have a large credit balance on our caravan leccy account.

I shall spend today getting things ready for going to the van on Friday, it's forecast to be full sun all weekend, how lovely.

Joy, I hope you're beginning to feel better xx

Take care everyone.


  1. I am, thanks, Sooze.
    Being a bit cynical, while not saying the government is 'glad' about the Ukraine situation, I bet they are glad that it is masking the rising Covid numbers. Personally, I would like to know whether deaths are up and how the NHS is coping rather than actual numbers.

    I do hope the knee eases off more. Take care. xx

  2. Covid numbers are definintely rising at the moment, it seems the news stations all think that we only want to hear about one type of news at a time, first Brexit, then Covid and now Ukraine. I would rather they extended the bulletins and mentioned more of what was going on around the world, ending on a good note ... if they can find one!!

  3. I still follow hospitalization numbers. Testing is down , so not sure I would trust cases just based on tests. I'm still likely to mask in plac s like grocery stores or crowded venues, and whether it protects me or not, or others or not, I'm at least not passing on what I might carry. I hope mask wearing just becomes a normal option if chosen and stops being a political fest.

  4. A phobia is a phobia and you either learn to live with it or get therapy which, as you say, doesn't necessarily work. I think a button phobia must be extremely difficult - buttons are everywhere!
    We still wear our masks, although we have noticed fewer people are doing so. Covid hasn't gone away, and the numbers are on the rise again. I haven't checked the figures near me for a while. They were well below the national average, but I suspect that's changing.
    Well done on the electricity saving. Small changes do make a difference. xx

  5. It’s nice you have the van to go to during Covid times...I’m like you and mask up and don’t do excursion out today will be the library as I’m in dire need of books. I’ll go early and we’ll masked...
    I can identify with your spider phobia...mine is snakes. I could NOT do a therapy involving handling them....!
    I hope your car is doing better now...the water in the diesel makes sense.

  6. Our mask policy will be lifted next week but I am still going to wear mine. sorry you were not successful at the charity shops but found some necessities. I love reading your blog.

  7. Sending hugs for the phobia. I'm glad that your knee wasn't too bad and that you managed a walk around.

  8. Mask wearing here in Scotland has been extended due to sharp rise in Covid cases.


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