Saturday, 19 March 2022

Just a quickie.... say we're having a lovely time, thanks for all the good wishes.  It was a gloriously sunny day yesterday, we got everything set up and put away etc by early afternoon.  No problems other than the boiler won't light, just means we have to boil the kettle for hot water so it's only a minor inconvenience.  I can't have a shower (not a fan of showering in cold water!! 😂) so strip washes with kettle boiled water instead.  I could go over and use the site showers, of course, if I really wanted! (I don't).

Hardly anyone here, surprisingly, so it was very quiet yesterday and last night, I expect a few more will turn up today.  It was frosty last night but we still slept well, my face was cold the few times I woke up, but the rest of me was toasty warm and I soon went back to sleep.  Cold when I got up, but the electric fire warmed up the lounge quickly and the sun is already streaming in the windows, so have turned the fire off.  No plans for today, we'll just go with the flow and see what we feel like doing....if anything.

My internet connection (via a mifi thing) is a bit hit and miss here, but it's no problem as I don't plan on being on the computer much....resting in my new recliner chair in the caravan, or the garden recliners if it's warm enough, reading a book is much more appealing.


Husband tried the boiler again this morning and got it lit first time.


  1. It sounds absolute bliss. A nuisance about the boiler - can you get anyone in to deal with it?
    Have a lovely, peaceful, restful time.

  2. Sounds idyllic (apart from the boiler situation). Hope the sun continues to smile down on you. xx

    1. Just seen the update on the boiler. Great news! It must just have been because it's not been used for months. xx

  3. I am so glad to read you are having such a nice time, sounds idyllic.

  4. I always found that when the wi-fi played up a nice coffee in a cosy café with free internet was the answer ... any excuse eh!!

    Hope the sun continues to shine for you, have a great weekend.

  5. I used to bring an extra swim suit for showering in camp grounds in the days we tent camped for multiple days. Enjoy your time.

  6. Loving the weather here in Hampshire, must be fun in your caravan.

  7. It does us good to get out and about. The good weather will be a great tonic too. Cold showers are a bit too far!

  8. I do envy you in your caravan, and the weather is forecast hot all over UK so a good day for you tomorrow.. Enjoy!

  9. I hope you are having the best of times.

    God bless.

  10. Glad you're having a good time!

  11. It sounds like we're in for a real treat weather wise for the next few day, relax and enjoy!


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