Monday 28 March 2022

Food prices and so-called 'humour'

 The bloody car is causing problems again, same as last time.  That's all I'm saying, leaving it up to husband to deal with as it irritates the life out of me (him too I expect).

We've just been shopping to the big freezer shop to stock up, it's been several months since we last went there and it's getting harder and harder to keep the food shopping under budget.  In the time since we last stocked up with frozen stuff (I suspect it's about 6 months, without checking back), prices have risen a lot - 20% or more on several things.  E.g. things we bought last time that cost £5, now cost £6 or even £6.25.  And I noticed in several cases the pack sizes are smaller too....e.g. the grated cheese was 500g for a long time, then it went down to 450g last year, now it's 430g - for a higher price too.

But at least there's food in the shops for us to buy - Ukrainians don't even have shops left standing in some cities, or homes, let alone food or even water to be able to obtain.  So I shall stop moaning about the cost and count my lucky stars that we don't have a war here.

So Will Smith slapped some third rate minor comedy actor live on stage at the Oscars yesterday - in retaliation for said comedy actor making a very tasteless joke about Will Smith's wife's lack of hair - which is due to a medical condition, not a fashion choice.  Jada Pinkett Smith was clearly very unimpressed by the so-called joke and being publicly humiliated, going by the expression on her face, so no wonder her husband made a very public act of defending her.  I don't condone violence (it wasn't a fisted punch, but he certainly gave the bloke a good slap), but admire him for standing up for his wife and showing it's no laughing matter.  Too many people think it's ok to make 'jokes' for cheap laughs at the expense of's only a joke if everyone thinks it's funny, the victims, the ones on the receiving end of such cheap humour, rarely do.  Why can't people just be NICE?!

Today I'm going to be doing planning for batch cooking, which I'll be undertaking tomorrow.  I've rearranged the big freezer and deliberately left some space to freeze meals.....I'll be making dog food as well, and there'll be a spare drawer in the dog food freezer I can put some of our meals in, if I run out of space in the big freezer.  Off the top of my head I'm thinking chilli, lasagnes, chicken curry and fish pies.  I'll be doing minced turkey and butternut squash for the dog, husband's just cooked up a panful of sliced liver for her as well.  The liver gets mixed with some commercial tinned food, both to pad it out and to encourage her to eat the tinned food......we bought a caseful of it, she liked it initially but then decided she didn't!  She will wolf it down when it's mixed with fresh liver though.

Looking at the weather forecast, we won't be going to the caravan for at least 10 days.  How funny - as in odd - our weather is, lovely warm almost early-summer-like weather for several days, and then truly back to winter for another week or 2 - there's even snow (just a bit, I expect) in the forecast for one day!  The only thing that's consistent about our weather here in the UK is the total changeableness of it.


  1. I agree with you, some comedians think they can say what they like, whilst hitting someone is wrong, Will Smith defending his wife was right.

  2. The slap was very deserved and I honestly thought that Chris Rock should have apologised to Jada immediately after his comments, it would have made a bad situation a lot better. A lot of Americans seem to be trying to pass it off as a publicity stunt on social media, but it looks like nothing of the sort.

    It's gone SO much cooler hasn't it, thank goodness I haven't packed away my cosy cardigans just yet.

  3. I agree with Sue, Chris Rock should have apologised immediately (although it would have been better if he'd not said anything in the first place). You are right about what passes for humour these days. A couple of years back I made the decision to ghost someone I have known nearly all my life because of the constant crude, foul language and misogynistic nastiness which I was told was "funny". It was not.

    Batch cooking - been doing it for years and it saves time and money. Mostly curries, chilli, bolognaise type dishes. I no longer do chicken or fish because it is so easy to overcook both. And I used to batch cook food for one of our dogs too, because processed food gave him a very upset tummy.

  4. I agree, it wasn't a joke, but a cruel, nasty comment. Whoever was in charge should have hoiked him off the stage immediately. Mind you, if it had been a mere mortal, rather than Will Smith who slapped him, they would have about 6 security guards on them in an instant!
    It's that time of year when one minute you're in t-shirts and the next, thick coats. Still, the garden is springing into life and everywhere is starting to look lush again, so I'm not complaining. xx

  5. The more times I look at that clip, the more I think it was scripted. An open hand, not a fist; Will Smith was grinning as he walked back to his seat; no-one had words with him and if he was truly angry at the comments, he would have knocked him off his feet. Very wrong though to use violence as a joke.


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