Thursday, 17 March 2022

Prepping today, and some good news on TV

 Lovely sunshine, a beautiful blue sky, and some good news for once......the mother being released from the Iranian prison after 6 years, along with the engineer chap (who I'd not even heard of before, shows how much notice I usually take of the news).  And the Ukrainian mayor being released after having been taken hostage, and the Russian journalist woman who paraded a poster live on Russian TV - I wouldn't have been at all surprised if both of them had permanently 'disappeared'.  She's incredibly brave to want to stay in Russia though, especially when even she says she's terrified for her life.

My knee is not so persistently painful now, I wonder whether it's because of the knee brace, or because I've been taking cocodamol when I go to bed (I won't take any more than 1 dose per day, because of the constipation side effects).  Or it could possibly be because I've been taking a glucosamine and chondroitin capsule every day for about 3 weeks.  Whatever, it's certainly bothering me less.

Today I'm packing stuff to take to the caravan, and prepping food to take with us.  I'll chop/grate the veggies for coleslaw and put in a lidded box, but obviously won't put the dressing on until we're in the caravan, it tends to go watery otherwise.  We're having a cheesy pasta and mince dish for tomorrow's evening meal.....just savoury beef mince (already cooked and frozen) mixed with cooked pasta and cheese sauce, I'll prepare that this afternoon so tomorrow it'll just need heating through in the van, we'll have it with garlic bread and salad.  Saturday's supper will be bacon, brie and cranberry sourdough baguettes (thanks Sue from A Smaller and Simpler Life, I found the baguettes in Aldi) with salad.  Lunches will be something on toast or cheese and crackers.  Breakfasts (husband always has breakfast, I sometimes do) will be cereal or crumpets, although I'll probably do a cooked breakfast on Sunday.

As it's going to be a lovely sunny long weekend, there's bound to be more fellow owners at the park, so it'll be good to catch up with whoever's there.  Not our lovely van neighbours Jean & Charlie though, they're not coming until the start of April.  I'm taking a pile of books for me, and some DVDs for husband - although during the day he'll be outside chatting, I expect.  We'll be tidying up the garden as well, doing some pruning and weeding and sweeping up the twigs and leaves on the fake grass (which I still don't like, but it means husband doesn't have to mow it).

Husband's off to hospital for some more prostate tests today, so I'll have the afternoon to myself to get on with everything.


  1. There's some very good news, isn't there. More good news is that your knee is easier. Long may that continue.

    The forecast is so good - have a wonderful time at the van. Your plans sound delicious and delightful.

    Hoping the tests go well
    x x

  2. It's so good to hear some positive news for a change. Enjoy your weekend at the caravan, it looks like it's going to be nice weather so it will be perfect.

  3. Fingers crossed whatever is working re your knee carries on doing so. No, I hadn’t heard of the other chap either.

  4. I guess I wouldn't like the fake grass either, but bright side I guess is no mowing. We're trying to find a deep cleaning day for family lake cabin. It's used year round and kept tidy, but a top to bottom once through is needed annually.

  5. Yes, there has been some good news amongst the horrors! I've just seen that the Russian forces are suffering heavy losses and most of Ukraine, including major cities are still in Ukrainian hands. Not quite the walkover that Putin expected.
    Enjoy a lovely time at the caravan. If the weather stays like it is today, it'll be glorious! xx

  6. You're right, it was heartening to actually get some happier news yeseterday.

    Looks like the weather is turning just right for your first weekend at the van, and hope things all go well for husband at hospital today.

  7. It's been almost nice watching the news today.. almost. Looks like you've got some lovely weather for the weekend and those baguettes from Aldi are lovely aren't they. They make a cheap and filing meal .

  8. Lots of better news all round and a sunny forecast - looks hopeful for a nice weekend for you

  9. Good to hear your knee is improving and the weekend is forecast to be sunny and hot.. Enjoy your time in the caravan, and hope hubby gets on ok at the hospital

  10. The only thing I like about fake grass (apart from the not mowing it) is when you step out on it on a warm day and it's been soaked with rain overnight, it's a lovely feeling on bare feet.

    Do watch it if the sun has been on it for a long time as it gets very hot for dogs paws ... I used to put a towel walkway down for Suky.


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