Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Busy before the next relaxation

 A steadily busy day yesterday, got a few jobs done.  Washing out on the line, another lot loaded into the machine and done last night on the Economy 7, ready to peg out this morning.  I tidied up all the pots in the front garden, pruning and deadheading, pulling out weeds - it's amazing how many weeds have got into the pots over the winter.  I also tidied up the 2 climbing roses on the trellis either side of the front door, deadheading (they were still flowering, albeit weakly, through the winter) and a bit of light pruning.  Weeded one little flower bed, another long one to do today.

The mechanic came to see to the car.....everything's done, he ran another diagnostic and found no faults showing up, he reckons it's all ok now (until the next time! 😐).  

I rang the surgery for my x-ray results.....not back yet.  Oh well.  

No other neighbours have come down with covid - well, not that we've heard.  Out of the ones who've had it recently (9 people in 6 households), they've all had very minor cold symptoms, except one lady who's immunosuppressed who was very poorly for a couple of days.  We're still being very careful, not getting too close to any neighbours, including one who works in a local school where she says that both staff and pupils are dropping like flies with covid, and she's the only one who still wears a mask at work!  I know we're all well and truly fed up with wearing masks and all the other precautions, but it seems only sensible to carry on with them if you don't actually want to catch covid and it's on the rise again.

Today I'll be putting the washing on the line, finishing the weeding in the front garden, then packing stuff to take to the caravan.

The low carbing is going very well, but I've had a headache last night and early this morning, I suspect it's a carb/glucose withdrawal thing.  It'll go soon I expect, it's already wearing off.

Oh, we got our copy of the caravan park's annual newsletter, we were welcomed in it (along with a couple of other new owners).  The park owner said about all the work we'd done in the van and garden and called it an amazing transformation.


  1. Yes, you have performed an amazing transformation on your caravan. It's become a real little home from home! We're still wearing masks. I sometimes feel like we're the only ones. We have a family wedding on the 1st April, and I'm dreading it - Covid wise. We'll wear our masks, except when outside or eating and keep away from people as much as possible. We've managed to avoid it for 2 years, don't want to catch it now! xx

  2. They are right, it is indeed an amazing transformation and has done you the world of good in other ways too - the best decision ever, wasn't it!

    I always get a slightly muggy head when I make dietary changes. I'm sure it's just a physical reaction to the changes.

    Have a lovely day.

  3. Lovely to read how your caravan has been transformed. Hope that headache goes soon, I had a dreadful one when I gave up caffeine, but it passed and I feel better for it.

  4. You have both done incredibly well on the transformation of the caravan. I don't have caffeine , when I gave up the headaches were awful. It just shows us what are bodies get hooked on!

  5. I agree with you about wearing masks especially as Covid cases are rising in number. The severity of symptoms varies a lot; my youngest son (triple-jabbed) was very poorly for longer than a week while others have little or no ill-effects.
    While others seem to be booking holidays far and wide, I am enjoying the sunshine in my own garden. If I venture out, it's in my car to a quiet spot for a change of scenery then back home.
    Good to hear that the car has a clean bill of health.

  6. How lovely to get a mention in the newsletter, it's nice when everyone can get to know one another through something like this isn't it. You've worked hard on the van and deserve a bit of praise.


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