Saturday 12 March 2022

Pink flowers amongst the gloom

 The knee x-ray is done and dusted, I got straight in as there was nobody there waiting.  It was a bit unpleasant, I had to stand (I was expecting to be lying on the couch) and the radiographer was none too gentle as she manhandled my knee into the correct position.  As I'd had to take off my knee brace and my knee is very weak without it, I was a bit wobbly, fortunately it didn't take long.  I've nothing to complain about at all really, when we see on TV all the poor shell-shocked homeless people left with absolutely nothing, not knowing where they'll end up or if they'll ever be able to go back to their country or see neighbours, friends and family again.  I don't like watching the news, but feel I must once a day, it feels like I owe it to the Ukrainians to see what they're going through.  It strikes me that they couldn't wish for a better President - I know nothing about him (other than reading that he used to be an actor or a comedian) but he's just so strong and brave and inspiring - despite knowing that he's Russia's No. 1 target and could be killed at any time.  How must he feel knowing he and his family are being hunted down?

After leaving the hospital, we went to Wilko's where I normally buy most of our toiletries and cleaning supplies.  I was surprised to find lots of big gaps, big price rises (as everywhere) but the thing that surprised me the most was that they seem to be discontinuing a lot of their own brand things and now only had the major brand name (much more expensive) stuff on the (half empty) shelves.  So I won't be going there for supplies again, I'll try Aldi or Lidl, or even B&M.  I did buy the things we needed immediately there, as my knee was protesting so much by this time that I really didn't feel like going anywhere else.  Fortunately, we're well stocked up now and I won't need any further shopping for at least a couple of weeks.

We also stocked up with dog food and then collected our monthly prescriptions from the surgery on the way home, so several jobs involving using the car at once, to save fuel.  Husband commented that the price of diesel has gone up 18p a litre since he last filled up a week or so ago.  How long before people simply cannot afford to fill up with fuel?

It just feels like all doom and gloom at the moment, but as I sit here typing I can see my lovely bright pink double flowered camellia in full bloom in the front garden.....although some of the blooms have been blown off in the recent strong winds.  I know there'll be even more Spring bulbs out in flower when we go back to the caravan next week, so that's something nice to look forward to.

My phone camera photo doesn't really do it justice, sorry about that, it's a much brighter pink in real life.  There's a foxglove that has self seeded in the pot, I must dig it out and put it in the border (when the weather improves!!).


  1. I'm glad you've had the x-ray. Let's hope you get a diagnosis and treatment now.
    It breaks my heart watching the news. I can't begin to imagine what the Ukrainians are going through. President Zelenskyy is a wonderful role model. I wonder if Putin would stay and fight if the roles were reversed? I doubt it. He's a coward, but sadly, a dangerous, deranged one.
    I have a red camellia which surprises me every year when it flowers. Such lovely blooms when the weather is cold, wet and windy! xx

  2. I agree with everything HH says above . . . Like you I am catching up on news a couple of times a day because I do not feel that I can't. I have read on many blogs people describe the feeling that we have to bear witness, you have said it very well.

    I've started to notice things out of stock in a couple of shops I regularly visit, but looking at Ukraine I don't let it bother me. Husband says "shall I drive to {insert different town}" to look for whatever was missing but I won't let him. We can generally do without or make a substitution, something women in Ukraine would love to have the option to do.

  3. A lot of empty shelves here too, not sure if that is to do with the freight ferry or not. Prices on almost everything has gone up. It is heart breaking watching the news but feel compelled to watch it. Glad the x ray went well, hopefully you will get a diagnosis soon.

  4. It's all highly distressing at the moment, isn't it? Such difficult times and so worrying for the immediate future. xx

  5. We are also compiling a list of errands and shopping so that we only go into town once - actually it is not much different to the way we did things during the pandemic and have carried on since but now it has become a necessity to save on fuel. The roads coming up to Scotland were busier than ever though and fuel here is about £1.89 for diesel so the rise has not had much effect. There is a lot more ferry traffic going to Northern Ireland we were told that it has increased due to the Brexit border policy and companies are sneakily rerouting goods through Ireland to Europe to avoid charges!

  6. I find the knee xray uncomfortable as well. I had a bone density scan yesterday, back and hips, and it was actually relaxing. The pop of pink is a welcome sight. I'm keeping all people, all nations in my prayers for peace.

  7. Yes like you I can only bear to watch the news once a day, usually at teatime as I couldn't bear to go straight to bed after watching it late at night, it would play on my mind. There were lots of gaps on the shelves in our Aldi yesterday, the staff were valiantly trying to fill them with what they had but gaps are definintely appearing. But as you say this is nothing compared to what the Ukrainian people are going through.

  8. I can only bear to watch the 6pm news too. I feel I have to keep up with what's happening but it's so distressing.
    Hope your knee pain settles down and that they can help you with it.

  9. Your camellia looks lovely. A bit of colour to warm the day.

    God bless.


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