Monday 4 December 2023

Breaking glass as stress relief

 We're down to the last few little annoying fiddly bits left now - odds and ends that have been on shelves for so long we don't even notice them anymore, like candles and the odd ornament, pens, screws or little tools that husband has 'put that there for a minute' and then never moves.  There are also 3 or 4 pictures still left on the walls, which husband missed.  The utility room needed clearing of all his accumulated junk as well, which I asked him to do, as well as emptying the (already half empty since my sorting out months ago) wall cupboards in there.  I thought whilst he was getting on with that, I could be packing our store cupboard extra supplies of tinned and dry foods ready to take over to the bungalow on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, husband seems incapable of deciding what should be kept or thrown away - he was coming to ask me about almost every item, even stuff that was his, not mine.  So I said to him that anything that's broken, or we haven't used in a year or more, can be chucked, he doesn't need to ask me about every little thing.  We did another tip run, taking an old ottoman we've had for years and a couple of boxes of junk, one full of his stuff from the utility room and a boxful of old/surplus to requirements glassware and jars.  It's very therapeutic and strangely satisfying chucking glassware into the glass bins at the tip, I love the breaking sound! (Yes I know I'm weird 😂).

Today it's charity shop stuff, two boxes of oddments already loaded in the car, more stuff to go in this morning, such as a bar stool from husband's bedroom that he only ever used as a clothes hanger, and a couple of spare table lamps.  I imagine we'll have perhaps 2 more tip trips of house stuff, then whatever husband's got to chuck out from his garage.  Except he's just told me there's still a lot of stuff up in the loft!  Including 2 bagfuls of wool, apparently, which clearly I'd forgotten was up there....depending on the colour and type, I may keep it or else it'll go to the charity shop.

I've done the menu plan for meals up until the night before we move, using up the last supplies in the freezer, there will be less than a bagful of frozen food left to go in the cool box.  I'm trying to keep on top of the washing, so husband can disconnect the washing machine early next week.  I've got a couple more phone calls to make today and a bit more admin stuff on the computer.  Last week I ordered our last lot of medications from the surgery, two weeks early but I needed to ensure we have them to tide us over until we've registered with the new surgery, which we'll try and do this week or next.  It's all stuff like this which I have to keep on top of, I keep remembering odd things I haven't yet done.


  1. I totally agree. I love that sound and it is definitely therapeutic!
    You're absolutely on top of things - and thank you for reminding me of medications. I must get mine sorted before I leave.

  2. You're on top of everything, and everything will get done. Do you need to register with a dentist and vet, too or can you stay with your "old" ones? You've got the important stuff sorted, the rest can be done as and when. xx

  3. You're doing so well Sooze. Would hate to have to move house again, we've been in this house for 45 years in February.

  4. Moving house is hard at any time. Moving just before Christmas when you are doing everything must be completely exhausting.

    Sorry to add another job to your To Do list but, if you think the landlord might try and play silly-b*ggers with returning all your deposit then take photos of every single room, every bit of carpet, anything you can think of where someone might claim you have done damage, left a stain, or anything else. I know you will leave the old house in good order, but it is best to have ammunition and not need it. (and make sure the time & date are correct on your camera before you run around snapping everything, xx)

  5. Getting sooooo close, I can almost feel it. :)

  6. You are doing marvelously. There are always little things that one forgets for a bit and then remembers to do.

    God bless.

  7. You're doing so well with all this! "I love the sound of breaking glass" - I remember that song, Nick Lowe, late 70s I think... :)


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