Monday 11 December 2023

Even MORE junk he's been hoarding!

 As I was struggling up the stairs last night (my back, hips and knees are really bad now), I thought thank goodness, only another couple of days of this and then no more stairs!  And no more struggling to climb into the bath to have a shower - the new wet room has a big sturdy chair (currently folded up against the wall, it's fixed to the wall) in the shower, so I can even sit and shower if I need to.  Bliss!

Husband did another tip trip yesterday, he's nearly finished the garage and shed clearance and will need just one more tip trip today - or so I thought, until I looked inside the boiler cupboard in the utility room (another space I don't go into, far too cobwebby).  The boiler cupboard is full up - a set of steps and big fan, which will admittedly be going with us to the new place.  But also, completely unbeknown to me, a load more junk - a big old (non-working) TV in its old box, an old ironing board that I told him to get rid of literally YEARS ago, my old broken liquidiser (probably also been in there years), and goodness knows what else, more stuff hidden behind the huge TV box.  He was going to just leave it all there!  I despair with him, I really do.  So it'll be at least 2 tip trips today - I'll go with him the 2nd time so I can nip into a shop and buy some cakes and sausage rolls - think we and the removal guys will need them on Wednesday.  I want my physical collapse and nervous breakdown now - I've bloody well earned them!!

One interesting thing that's come out of all this busyness these past few weeks - the meals we've been eating lately haven't been the normal cooked from scratch, veg heavy ones I usually do (and spend ages cooking).  For the first week or so, we ate home cooked ready meals out of the freezer, but when they ran out, we've been eating mostly just store bought things plus frozen veggies.  So things like chicken pasta bakes, burgers, bacon and sausages for husband, fish pies (for both of us), fish fingers and lightly dusted fish fillets and vegetable burgers for me.  With added frozen veg.  And guess what, we haven't died from the lack of home cooking, we're fed and healthy.....although I have had a few gut issues from eating too many carby things, and I've put back on some of the weight I lost.  The fact is, I just don't get the same amount of pleasure nowadays from cooking, and I'm more than happy to eat simple food, as is husband.  So our normal diet in the future will reflect this - why spend hours in the kitchen if I don't really like doing it anymore, and we're happy to eat a jacket spud with beans and cheese, or prawns and coleslaw a couple of times a week?  I also really like cheese (especially Brie or Stilton) on sourdough toast, topped with cranberry sauce with a side salad, whilst husband loves a beef or even fish burger in a roll with a pile of salad and some frozen spicy wedges.  I'll generally do a roast on Sundays - some sort of meat for husband, just the veggies for me - and I expect I'll cook the occasional cottage pie using chicken mince, or fish pie.  But not every day!  So that'll give me more time and less work.


  1. Oh, no - for goodness sakes! I hope you gave him what for!
    Totally agree with your food choices - have what works for you. There's plenty of simple, healthy choices out there and when you do fancy cooking, you could batch cook.

  2. Hang in there, Sooze, you're nearly at the finish line! If you no longer enjoy spending a lot of time cooking, don't. Life's too short to be doing things you don't want to. Anyway, you'll be far too busy enjoying your new home to be slaving over a hot stove! xx

  3. I have been reading your updates. Not long to go now and your new home sounds as if it's almost ready, not too much to do. Good luck with your move. Good call with easier food prep, especially as you have been so busy. x

  4. How very annoying to find the hidden junk stash!! But you're almost there now. What with everything you've had to do and organise in the last few months I think you're quite right to dial back on the cooking from scratch: as you say, nobody dies if you have some ready-made stuff. And these days, the ready-mades are not full of additives and salt/sugar the way they used to be. Who knows, once you are in and settled in your new home, with everything the way you like it and free from unnecessary stuff, you may find you enjoy pottering in the kitchen again from time to time. You'll find your own balance, I'm sure.

  5. Well he's a man, what did you expect? But you'll soon be there and you will be able to rest.. tip about the shower seat, I had to use one in hospital, let the hot water run on it first, 'cos it can be a bit cold!

  6. My, my - you are almost there 🎉. Just keep thinking of that shower and kicking up your feet and very importantly NO stairs. If it was the Olympics you’d be reaching for gold about now. Good job! And, you’ve discovered what I’ve learned the past year after losing my DH, eating can be simple and cooking isn’t the be all-end all that it’s been all these years. One last push and then relax and ENJOY! We’ll see you after your well earned hiatus.


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