Wednesday 6 December 2023

The final countdown, and a disappointment

 Yesterday I actually saw inside husband's garage and shed, for the first time in weeks and weeks.  I was absolutely aghast to see that they are both - still - almost full of junk.  Husband was supposed to have been clearing them out over the past 2 or 3 I admit I haven't been monitoring his progress as I've been so busy inside the house, but it honestly looks like he hasn't touched them.  At all.  Goodness knows what he's been doing whilst he's been outside - sloping off to chat to neighbours, I suspect.  I was so annoyed - I've been working my socks off these past few weeks, not only with the physical stuff of clearing and packing, but all the admin stuff involved with moving, and having to keep up with washing, cooking, shopping etc, ordering our meds early to ensure we don't run out, appointments for Betty and trying to keep her fairly calm, when she's clearly unsettled with all that's going on.  And arranging our trips over to the new place, and what to take each time we go.  It's no wonder I'm not sleeping well - my brain is ticking over relentlessly.  And now I'm stressed up to the eyeballs again, my shoulders are up round my ears and I have a permanent tension headache.

The thing is, due to various commitments we have over the next week, husband has got just 3.5 DAYS left to clear the shed and garage.  And I have no idea how's he's going to manage it.  The amount of junk there will mean probably 5 or 6 trips to the tip, and some of the stuff he won't even be able to fit in the car unless he chops it up.  I've been telling him for literally months and months he needed to get rid of all this crap, but obviously he hasn't.  And now he's left it almost too late.  I know he's probably stressed about it all - what does he think I am?!  This is him all over - prevaricates, buries his head in the sand, puts things off and ends up doing nothing.  Well, he now knows he's got to get on with it, or else leave it all behind and risk the landlord keeping our deposit to pay for clearance.  Just to make matters even worse, the tip is closed today, and there's a load more rain forecast for tomorrow.

At the bungalow yesterday morning, Hannah the Housing Support lady came round to tell us she's hosting a Christmas afternoon tea at the community centre the week after we move in - so that'll be a good opportunity to get to know everyone.  We unpacked a few more boxes there and I made another list of a few little things we still need, like hooks for the bathroom door, a bathroom mirror and toilet roll holder.  I also rearranged some of the plans for where furniture is going.

Today I'm packing the store cupboard surplus food supplies, cleaning the fridge freezer which we're not keeping and is being collected by a local charity, and gathering up/packing any odds and sods.  We're up early (even earlier than has been the norm over the past 2 or 3 weeks), husband's done a lot of thinking during the night and has decided he's going to take some of the wood he's accumulated (from who knows where) over to the bungalow this morning, along with gardening tools....he says he can use the wood to make a fence at the back of the car port, to prevent Betty running out into the road.  I didn't even know he had this wood, it'll save us having to buy any fence panels, which is something.  At least he's thinking positively now following my serious talk with him yesterday.  He's also said that the chap coming to collect the fridge freezer (the local vicar's husband, who works for a charity) can have some of the surplus of gardening tools he's collected, that'll clear some more stuff out of his shed.  The charity chap says he knows local families who have allotments to cut costs by growing their own veg, so they'll be glad of any tools.

One week to go!


  1. Aaaaargh! At least your husband has now realised that the stuff has to be cleared. I wonder if there's anything else in there that the allotment holders might want, apart from tools? Might be worth mentioning to the charity chap.
    The Christmas afternoon tea sounds like a good way to meet neighbours. Very fortuitous!
    Only a week to go, and then you can relax. Anything that needs doing in the new house can be done at your leisure and convenience. No deadlines! xx

    1. Yes, we'll ask the charity chap if he wants anything else, I expect he will. I can't wait to get in the new place and just switch off completely for a few days.

  2. Oh, for crying out loud. I hope you gave him a right earful! Is there any local company that would just come and clear the lot for you?
    A bit late to start taking it seriously but better late than never, I guess.

    You'll get there. xx

    1. We've nearly run out of money, Joy, so unfortunately that's not an option. And in any case, it's probably too late. As I mentioned to HH above, I'm hoping the charity shop guy, who is coming at the weekend, will take some extra stuff. Earful? I could have slapped him yesterday....instead I just cried.

  3. Sometimes there might be an estate service that will buy the whole lot from you...minus what you want to keep. Maybe that would ease your stress? We have them here...they buy your stuff and turn around and sell it.

  4. Any House Clearance companies in your area? They shouldn't charge and may even pay you for good items. Alternatively, could you have a bonfire?

  5. Just get it all over there (that you are keeping) put it in place later.
    FB free today only come take it all , clear out, take it all.
    Or any other place you can think of. Surely there is a junk dealer locally. He could take and resell all of it. Second hand shop would as well.
    Hugs my dear. You are almost all the way in. I would already be tempted to call it a success. Crying would have been my reaction as well. Fear get to start all over in a very nice surrounding . love ya hun

  6. Blimey that’s really frustrating, no wonder you’re not a happy bunny. I hope you get it cleared in time.

  7. So frustrating for you. Hopefully now that he realizes how close the move is he will get his butt in gear and get all cleared out. You are almost there.

    God bless.


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