Sunday 10 December 2023

So, so tired - waiting for my collapse!

 I am tired - very, very tired.  I've worked my socks off the past 3 weeks.  The physical stuff of clearing out the cupboards and rooms, packing, lifting and carrying boxes and small items of furniture, shoving bigger stuff around, etc etc is - well, almost nothing,  Having to organise husband to do jobs, motivate him, keep checking on him and guiding him back to doing what he's supposed to is tiring, and often exasperating.  But all of the admin stuff to do with moving - numerous emails, texts and phone calls, arrangements to make constantly, liaising with all the different people to do with various aspects of the move, disposal of surplus furniture, finding new doctors, dentist, vet, groomer, arranging services, new meters (we won't mention those useless fools BT), and writing lists, lists and more lists - that's the really exhausting part.  I can't wait for it to be over.  Only another 3 days and we'll be there.  And then I can collapse.

It's possible - even likely, given BT's inefficiency....and the fact that my mobile service is not good in the new place - that I'll be offline for a few days.  Or however long it takes for BT to get their act together and actually connect us!  So it may be a while before I can update everyone on here.  But I'll be back blogging from the new place as soon as I can.

Another quick trip to the bungalow yesterday morning to take another car load, then to the neighbours for a buffet in the afternoon - very nice.  I managed a quick sit down for 15 minutes before we went, to write a few Christmas cards for the neighbours here.  I have some more to write and post, will try and do that today - the post is so crappy nowadays it's not even guaranteed that the cards will reach the recipients in time for Christmas, but I can't worry about that, it's out of my control.

Husband has another couple of tip trips to do today, hopefully his last.  Tomorrow we'll be going to the bungalow again, to take the last few small bits and make sure everywhere is clear for the furniture to be put in place on Wednesday - husband has an annoying habit of putting boxes of stuff in the wrong places, or wrong rooms even, so I have to keep shifting things around.  Tuesday will be all about cleaning here at the old house.  I've emailed the landlord (last week) suggesting a couple of times he can come and make his final inspection and asking him to confirm which is suitable - guess what, he's not replied.  Again.  Honestly, that man - moving out of here can't come soon enough.  Well, if he doesn't get back to me, then we'll just dump the house keys at the farm office when we move out, with a clear conscience that we've left the house in good order (and with photos to prove it).

The local vicar's husband, who is involved with a homeless charity, came yesterday and took away our old fridge freezer (he said there's a waiting list for them), small filing cabinet, bedside cabinet, bar stool, large oil-filled radiator and some gardening tools.  He was very grateful, but I said I was extremely grateful to him, he was doing us a huge favour by taking them away and I was glad they were going to a good cause and not into landfill.  The only surplus piece of furniture that's left is an old electric recliner chair which he couldn't take as it doesn't have a fire safety label, so we'll have to get that into the car for the tip - it does come apart, I think.


  1. Even if your wi-fi is excellent, just rest and don't worry about posting! How good to get rid of so much stuff to those who will appreciate it all. As for the recliner, if it doesn't come apart (I'm sure it will) get a hammer to it! Break it up, bag it and get it to the tip. The post has really gone to pot. We get nothing for days, the a great wad of post stuffed in the letter box. If what they say in the news is true, that the PO is prioritising lucrative parcels over letters, it's a disgrace and the bosses should be hauled over the coals. xx

  2. What happy hooker said - you will so need a break so only focus on the absolute essentials and leave the rest until you feel more with it again.
    I was going to say don't forget the photos as proof but you haven't.
    Looks like you landlord has already waved you goodbye out of his world. Good riddance - he'll be lucky to get such good tenants again.

  3. Phew, Im tired just reading this but how lovely to be in a bungalow all on the same lever with no stairs. I wish you happiness in your new home.

  4. Definitely take a break when you get to your new place! You'll be able to have fun organising your rooms to your taste and generally enjoying your new home. No need to post if you can't get a signal or don't feel like it - we'll still be here when you do, and looking forward to seeing some nice photos lol!

  5. I was just going to say the same as Jane but she beat me to it. Not long now.

  6. I agree with all the comments have worked so hard for a long time that you deserve a rest. It won't be long before you can heave a sigh of relief and chill out. Putting the new home to rights should be enjoyable after what you have been through. Take your time and enjoy it.
    i know how irritating and stressful moving can be. We've done it twice in the last 4 years and something usually gets forgotten but gets sorted eventually. Sending happy thoughts your way xx

  7. Hang in there. You’re doing great. Rest at the other end and know that we’re here when and only when you are ready again. We’ll celebrate.

  8. Just to say let the office know you have taken pictures when you hand in your keys it can head off problems when they know you are prepared.

  9. Girl, once you get in your new place, rest for a few days. We all know you will be back posting eventually, but you will need your rest.

    God bless.

  10. He might not be able to take that chair but maybe a neighbor or someone would come pick it up , if you do the free online again. If not and it is fairly do able ........wait....tie a rope to it and drag it outside of the car to the tip.hahahahah now I bet you are smiling. See you on the other side.
    Drop the keys with the nice lady you dealt with before.


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