Tuesday 5 December 2023

Final push

 Yesterday we had rain of biblical proportions, it went on all morning.  We needed to go with another car load to the charity shop, time is very tight now so we need to keep to the plan.  We waited until just after lunch when the sky was clearing and the rain was easing off, however our little farm lanes and even the main roads were rivers, it was really quite scary.  Husband was fine with it, having been a professional driver almost all his working life he was pretty confident and took great care, I was proud of him.   The worst thing was lorries and vans, mainly the vans, driving far too fast for the conditions and throwing up huge deluges of muddy water, almost covering the cars entirely.  I was thankful our car is an MPV thing, albeit a small one, so it's higher than a normal car.  I was also very glad to get home safely. 

HH, you asked about dentists and vets.  Husband and I have different dentists (long story) - he will stay with his, I will have to change mine as it'll be a considerable distance from the new place.  There are at least 3 in Minehead, our nearest town, although none of them are taking NHS patients - but then I don't think any of them are in the whole of Somerset!  Re the vets....again we'll have to change, as our present one will be too far away....there's one only about a mile or so from the new place which has good reviews.  Ironically, we've just had an email from our present lovely vets - they're a married couple who own and live at the practice.....well, they've sold it and are moving as they're retiring.  The practice is remaining open will all other staff, and the new vet owner is apparently very nice and has the same values and ethos as the present couple.  So it seems an appropriate time to change vets anyway.  They've said they'll send all Betty's records to the new practice, once we've signed up there.

Sue, thanks for the offer but my answer to coming to help you with your next move (is one on the cards then?! 😉) will be a big resounding NO THANKS! 😁😂.  I shall hopefully never have to do anything concerned with moving houses ever again.

You may recall that the neighbour who threw us the 40th anniversary tea party back in May had offered to give us a big leaving party.  We thanked her but gracefully declined - I'm not a big party person anyway, and it'll all be too emotional....both husband and I feel we'd rather just slip away quietly.  We are visiting individual neighbours for a coffee and exchange of cards, we're not just shooting off with no warning.  Well, a couple of days ago I discovered that a different neighbour, to whom we're going for coffee and a mince pie this coming Saturday, had planned on inviting most of the other neighbours for a big shindig for us - behind our backs.  He loves a party (he throws himself a birthday party every year, much to his wife's irritation as it's left up to her to do all the food planning and prep) and simply cannot grasp that not everyone feels the same way!  His wife, who is a good friend of mine, has nipped it in the bud and told him he's not doing a party for us and that's final.  For which I'm very grateful.  A party is the last thing I want right now, I'm too tired and stressed. 

I'm outwardly calm and coping pretty well, but my guts are churning along with my brain.  Only 8 days left till the move!!  Having done the charity shop trip yesterday, looking around the house now I really do think that's the last stuff to be donated (famous last words).  There'll be another couple of tip trips though.  Husband has finished clearing the loft (apart from the previous tenant's stuff which husband left up there), what was up there has been either tipped or donated.  This morning we're off to the new place, taking a load more small stuff.

And yes I will be taking photos when we leave, to prove we've left the place in a clean and tidy state (despite the previous tenant having done no such thing!!).


  1. Eight days - oh, my word - so close now. I think it's absolutely fantastic how wonderfully you have organised mega-clearing, a house move AND a husband to get to this point.
    Photos sounds a really good idea - just to be on the safe side. It was a matter of personal pride to me and John to leave Mum and Dad's home is as perfect a state as we could manage and I'm sure you're the same. It's not for the next tenants or the landlord, it is for you!
    I'm glad you've dodged any surprise parties!!!

    May everything go well for you today. xx

  2. It's quite hard to explain to party lovers that it's our idea of hell even our golden wedding was a quiet meal with our daughter and partner and that was lovely.

  3. Thank goodness your neighbour's wife nipped the party idea in the bud. Even if you were party animals, now isn't the time!
    I don't think there are many NHS dentists left in the whole country, and those that are, don't have vacancies for new patients. I don't blame dentists. I saw one a while ago on TV saying they lose money on each NHS patient. No-one's going to work to end up out of pocket!
    We seem to get left rubbish whenever we move house, too. The only time we got left anything worth having was when we bought from 3 elderly spinster sisters, who left us a lovely chest of drawers and a large wooden framed mirror. We still have them in our hall. xx

  4. Shucks ... oh well it was worth a try. ;-)
    Yes we have decided on a final move after Alan retires in February 2025. Once I close the company down at the end of that financial year (we need the office space until then) we will start to look for what hopefully will be our final and much smaller property.

    You're managing all this brilliantly, but once again I would suggest at least a half day off before the final push to moving day next week. Just a simple lunch in a garden centre restaurant or something ... with no talk of 'to do' lists while you eat. Well done to your hubby on driving in those dreadful conditions, it's been the same here, what a wet December we are having up to now.

  5. It's coming round so fast now but you are doing such a good job of sorting everything. It will all be worth it soon.

  6. How has this time passed so quickly. You've done an amazing job getting rid of stuff and organising the move. You deserve a medal. X

  7. You won't know yourself in your new home! A lovely time for you and it will be a wonderful Christmas

  8. Oh my, this move is coming up very quickly. I hope that all continues to go well.

    God bless.

  9. Shifting house is always a difficult time but once your in your new home it will all be so worth it. Your husbands professional driving experience brought you both home safely and you have every reason to be proud. Exciting and Happy times ahead with all good wishes !


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