Friday 22 December 2023

So that's what happened to them!

 Thank you for all the comments, I've not been replying or referring to them much recently, sorry about that.  I do certainly read and appreciate them all though.  Sue (I'm so glad you're still around and commenting, you'd be sorely missed if you disappeared), you asked if there are any shops here - sadly not, there was a village shop and post office but it closed down at the beginning of the year I think, which is a bit of a disappointment.  But the shops in Minehead are only a short drive away, so it's no hardship.  And in the event that husband can no longer drive, there's a bus route here just minutes walk away.  There's a pub, but that is up for sale, so it's anybody's guess whether it'll be taken over or will close down.  It's been hard on businesses since Covid.  

I was out in the garden with Betty yesterday and the gusts of wind were so strong it nearly blew me over at one point, and I'm no lightweight.  If I hadn't put my hand on the wall to steady myself, I'd have been knocked over I think.  It's still windy out there now, I can hear the gusts, but think it's forecast to ease off today.  I bet the oldies around here (I don't include myself in that just yet 😂) don't go out for walks in this weather.  Cheryl, you asked if I'm ok with being much younger than most of the residents around here - yes, it doesn't bother me.  Our immediate next door neighbours are around my age and I'm sure we'll be good friends....although we've recently discovered they're conspiracy theorists and have some weird ideas - no matter, each to their own.

We've got to pop into town again first thing, I've just realised I've left some cutlery in the old house, I thought it was packed in a box still but had a sudden lightbulb moment.  We have enough for daily use, but not for guests....I was wondering where the rest was, now I remember!  We're not going back to the old place to get it, it's all quite old anyway, so we'll go and buy a new set.

We have our first proper guest coming over today, hence the need for more cutlery, I was wondering where our dessert forks (for the cake I've bought) were.  She's one of our neighbours from the old place, she's very keen to come and see where we live.  She's in her 70s and lives in a large 5 bedroom house on her own, her family having flown the nest and she was widowed 2 or 3 years ago, so she's thinking about the future and whether living in a retirement community will suit her.  I doubt she'd enjoy living here - she's very lively and young for her age, she plays petanque in a league, sings in a choir which travels around and gives performances, goes dancing, and has a boyfriend!  She's definitely not the bingo type 😂

Yay, it's the winter solstice, so from now on the days will start getting longer, albeit by just a few minutes a week.  I love knowing that Spring will soon be on the way....although of course we've still got the worst of the winter to get through yet.


  1. What a shame about the shop/Post Office. It seems to be the fate of many small businesses, especially in rural areas. I hope the pub is sold as a going concern and flourishes. I've seen that some pubs are taken over and run by residents and have a small shop in them too. Not that I'm suggesting that's an idea for you! I'd forgotten it's the winter solstice. Whoopee! Although, as you say, we've still got the worst of the winter to go. Roll on spring and warmer, brighter days. Can't come soon enough! xx

  2. Sorry there is no shop nearer you, but at least you do not have to travel far. Enjoy your visit with the friend.

    God bless.

  3. Merry Christmas Friend!
    Have a wonderful Day!

  4. I think you are going to settle in nicely and embrace a whole new chapter. Have a wonderful Christmas Sooze. Xx


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