Tuesday 26 December 2023

Christmas day

 Did you all have the sort of Christmas day you wanted?  We had a quiet one, just the three of us.  In previous years we've been to our friends for Christmas day - our two friends, their son and their daughter and partner, plus daughter's spaniel.  We've generally left Betty at home, as she's a bit unpredictable around other dogs - as we lived just 5 minutes away, it was easy for husband to go home and feed her/let her out for a wee.  Now we live 30 mins drive away, it's not really an option to leave Betty at home and go there for several hours.  We'll be seeing them later on in the week though.

We had our Christmas lunch at 1.00 - gammon for husband, nut roast for me, roast spuds, parsnips & carrots, cauli cheese, sprouts & chestnuts, stuffing and a pig in a blanket, with gravy and cranberry sauce.  Nearly all cooked in advance and simply reheated, meaning next to no work for me.  It was gorgeous and I was well and truly stuffed afterwards.  Betty had her own Christmas lunch - a little commercial dog food mixed with some chopped sprouts, a roast potato and half a carrot, and a little bit of husband's gammon, with a teaspoonful of gravy, she licked the plate clean.  We didn't eat again until late evening, just a couple of crackers and some cheese, with a satsuma.

I like watching TV at Christmas, one of the few times when there are plenty of programmes that interest me.  Favourite Christmas tunes - even if they are ancient!  Specials of Call the Midwife (which always makes me cry), Dr Who, Death in Paradise, reruns of old comedy shows, Carols from Kings, ballets etc.  And of course the traditional Bond film on New Years Day - Daniel Craig's last outing this time.  I love the Bond films, always have - Sean Connery was always my favourite, followed by Timothy Dalton....until Daniel Craig came along, he blew the others out of the water as far as I was concerned.  Before I saw the last Bond, No Time to Die, I had no idea that he was being killed off in it - a huge shock.  I've not seen it since that first time of watching, couldn't face seeing him die again (I know, I know, he's not real and not really dead!! as an actor I mean 😂), but I'll probably steel myself to watch it on New Years Day.  I have all the DVDs of the Craig Bonds and have watched the first 4 numerous times.  I have 2 other favourite Christmas films, Elf and Love Actually, but neither of them is on this Christmas - well, not on the channels we get anyway, I expect they're on Sky or Netflix.  Do you have a favourite Christmas film or programme?

I feel the need for some fresh air and a walk, we've been stuck inside stuffing our faces and sitting down in front of the TV too much, and Betty certainly needs a run.  So as the weather is forecast to be reasonable today - sunny intervals, mild, hardly any wind - we're going to Dunster beach.  Betty will love it, the tide will be out when we get there so she'll have plenty of beach on which to run about and dig.


  1. Every year I watch It's a Wonderful Life, the black and white version, they have remastered it in colour, but it's not for me.

  2. I wonder if they kill him off, will there ever be any more Bond movies? Miraculous "he's really not dead" scenario? I bought the movie several years ago, but we haven't seen it... I agree with you...Best Bond Ever!

  3. A quiet Christmas day for us, too. I always have to watch the start of Carols from Kings. The solo of Once in Royal David's City sends tingles down my spine! xx

  4. We've had such a chilled out relaxing Christmas this year. It's how we plan on doing it from now on.


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