Friday 8 December 2023

Simple logic, and garden musings

 We did another 2 trips to the bungalow yesterday, taking a car load (and Betty) each time, and putting all the stuff away.  Husband asked why I insist on putting it away, rather than just dumping the boxes to unpack at a later date.  Simple really, I don't want boxes full of stuff cluttering up the place for moving day, I want clear spaces so that the furniture can be put in the right places straight out of the van, by the moving guys, so husband and I don't have to lug it around by ourselves afterwards.  Husband gets very breathless indeed when moving or lifting things, and my back, shoulders and arms are killing me already from all the lifting and carrying.  And when we've moved in, I just want for us to be able to collapse and rest, knowing that most stuff is unpacked already - well, all the important and needed daily stuff.  Anything else is being left in the boxes in the huge airing cupboard and one of the big cupboards in my bedroom, to be unpacked at leisure.  When we got back home after the second trip, around 2.30 pm, we just relaxed for the rest of the day, we certainly needed it.

It's funny, whilst we're here at the old house, I do feel quite panicky (no need to really, it's just the way I am) and my mind is constantly ticking over....yet as soon as we get inside the bungalow, calm descends and I feel relaxed and at home.  We are so going to love living there.

Yesterday the weather was horrendous again, more torrential rain and flooded roads.  Today it's forecast to be much better, sunshine even.  I think we've all certainly had our fill of rain.  We're doing tip trips today, and one last charity shop dump.  Then over the weekend, it'll be a case of cleaning all the cupboards and hoovering in corners, and we'll probably go to the bungalow again with another load of small bits and pieces.  We're also having au revoir (because we will be seeing them in the future) coffees with two sets of neighbours.  Which reminds me, I must write out Christmas cards this evening.

I was looking at the new garden yesterday, out of the window in the pouring rain.  It's certainly going to be low maintenance - no lawn to mow.  I now think rather than having a greenhouse, it would be more sensible to have a couple of raised beds on the paved area - there's a big tree in next door's garden which hangs over the paved area, so it would shade the greenhouse and probably drop leaves, etc, all over it.  And when we're away at the caravan, as we will be during the season, any plants in the greenhouse might suffer or die from lack of water.  Having veg in a couple of fairly large raised beds would be better I think, more chance of them surviving.

There are some existing plants that I'll be having out - 2 large very untidy yucca type plants (I've never really liked them much) and a couple of roses.  Whilst I do love roses, they're one of my favourite plants, these 2 have been left to get really tall (6 feet plus) and leggy, they've not been pruned properly for years by the looks of things, are bare at the bottom and tied up very roughly to odd bits of wood.  They're flopping over the path and are a hazard - someone (husband) could easily get his eyes poked out or at least severely scratched so they've got to go.  I can't wait to see what comes up in the beds next Spring.


  1. You are absolutely right and he will bless you the other end when all is in order and ready to enjoy. Very few are able to be so very sorted before the actual moving day.

    I love my raised beds and they are very practical - I look forward to seeing some photos of your new garden, please. xx

  2. I agree, putting stuff away as you take it means on moving day you can just relax. The garden sounds ideal. I detest yuccas, too. That's have to go! I'd be tempted to just hard prune the roses and see what happens. They might recover and flourish and then you can move them if need be. xx

  3. Honestly, it sounds like you were destined to get that bungalow - it's so nice that you get "the feeling" with it (as they say on Phil and Kirstie) rather than just thinking that it'll do!

  4. I agree that putting things away as one takes them over is the way to go about the move. Only hoping that we can do the same when the time comes.

    God bless.

  5. You are so brilliant in your approach and have found a way to create an oasis in your new home as reward. I’m sure I would be in the middle of chaos. Good on you and enjoy your well earned new home.


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