Tuesday 12 December 2023

Last day

 Yet more evidence of husband's hoarding tendencies yesterday.  On one of the kitchen worktops, there's a plastic box about 10" square, holding husband's current meds.  I went through it yesterday - not only are his meds in there, including some out of date ones, there were also some of Betty's old meds from years ago, when she was having a phantom pregnancy just prior to her being sterilised when she was just a year old.  But the worst thing was husband's prescription slips - the ones you get given with your meds order.  Now, I always keep my current (new) one and throw out the old one when we get the new meds....I was under the impression husband did the same - it was what I'd told him to do after all.  But obviously not - there were literally dozens of his old ones in there - why he's kept them all I have no idea.  Seems like I have to keep a check on literally everything he does from now on, he just seems incapable of throwing anything away.

Yesterday morning husband did 2 more tip trips, he assures me there's just one more needed - the old recliner chair plus a couple more bits from his garage.  After lunch we loaded up the car again for the final bits we ourselves were taking to the bungalow - Betty's cage which lives under the stairs here and has a big soft bed in it, it's her safe space (we never shut her in there, the door is always open so she can get in and out of it as she pleases).  She also has a bed in the dining room which is going with us tomorrow (tomorrow!  It's tomorrow we move!!!), and of course she sleeps on my bed every night.  The cage is temporarily in the back of the car port at the bungalow, Betty will be going in there tomorrow (with the door shut) whilst the removal guys are unloading the van, so she doesn't get in the way or be tempted to run off and can watch what's going on whilst she's in her safe space.  As soon as they've put all the appropriate furniture in one of the bedrooms, we'll shut her in there with water, food and the new chew toy I've bought her.  I'll obviously check on her regularly and take her in the garden for a wee.  As we've now cleared the house of nearly all the small stuff and boxes, it's really only the big furniture, kitchen appliances and TV stuff left, so I shouldn't think unloading will take very long.

The landlord finally got back to me late yesterday afternoon, he's coming round for his final inspection this morning.  Better late than never I suppose.

Today is all about cleaning here, and then having a relaxing evening prior to the big day tomorrow.  I've got a couple of plastic boxes ready for throwing any last minute bits and bobs in, and a laundry bag for our towels and bedding (we've got new bedding freshly washed and waiting in the bungalow).  Cheesy scrambled eggs (with bacon for husband) and sourdough toast for a good hearty breakfast tomorrow, as it may be a while before we get to eat a late lunch - although I've got cakes in (bought, not homemade!), I expect the removal guys will be glad of them.

Can't quite believe it's here, it's been a hell of a busy, mad, stressful 4 weeks, and I am SO glad we have been able to move so much stuff over there already, get it all unpacked a couple of boxes at a time, and get carpets, curtains etc in place.  It's certainly made things easier and, hopefully, a lot less stressful tomorrow.  All rooms in the bungalow are ready for the furniture to be put straight in place.

Thank you everyone for all the lovely messages and support, you've all kept me going when I felt like I was crumbling, and even made me laugh....which I really appreciate.  I'll be back posting again as soon as I can, see you on the other side!!  xx


  1. We move to our downsized bungalow on Friday so I've been closely mirroring what you've been doing for the last few weeks. Apart from one major difference, our move is all in one go on Friday with the traditional 'move out by noon, then pick up the new keys' scenario so I've been so envious of you when you were dropping things off at the new house and setting things in place.
    I've been decluttering for a year now but husband hasn't and he really struggles to let things go if they are 'useful' so I had to go into the garage with him to make the case for letting things go. Such as the car tyre pump and battery charger, we've had them for over 20 years and on the occasions when they could have been used we'd called the RAC instead so they were useless to us.
    We've lived in this house almost 40 years and if you have the space, and don't move house you can gather a lot of things around you but we've let it go now.
    I'll think about you both tomorrow and hope all goes well.

  2. Has it really only been 4 weeks? Wow! You've done so well getting everything sorted. I'm sure moving day will go smoothly and by tomorrow evening you'll all be settled in your lovely new home.👫🐕🏡 xx

  3. Good luck with the final push. Just think how much you've accomplished in such a short space of time. We'll done Sooze.

  4. I’m so excited for you. The 4 weeks have flown by. You have done really well, especially as your husband sounds so frustrating! Good luck x

  5. I am SO excited for you!!

  6. That four weeks seems to have flown by and you have achieved so much. I too am really happy for you and will look forward to hearing from you, from the other side, as you say. Good luck.

  7. Yay you! Well done. You are a real trooper. Enjoy your new home, you deserve it. XXXXX

  8. You've done amazingly well Sue, I hope it all goes smoothly tomorrow and if it doesn't hey ... you did your very best. Love to you both. xx

  9. Just hang in there, you can do it. Why do some keep stuff just to keep it? My mil kept everything from her mom. When they passed away it was fun.

  10. Good luck with the move - and wishing you much happiness in your lovely new clutter-free home! 🏠

  11. Good luck for moving tomorrow, I hope the weather is kind to you and the removal men crack on and get you in asap. Hugs Gill Xx

  12. You've worked towards this for more than four weeks - more like over a year - and not only have you got your special place, you can have a clean, fresh start, free of unnecessary clutter.
    Yes, I rather think you are going to monitor what he hoards, but at least is IS a clean slate now. That might make it easier.

    I'm replying on Wednesday and sensing big, positive vibes and hopes that everything has gone smoothly and cleanly. xx


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