Friday 1 December 2023

On the home run

 Thank you so much for comments yesterday.  I know I am relatively organised (and actually doing fairly well), but I think I just got overwhelmed with all the mess in a room which a couple of days previously had been fairly well sorted....until husband started chucking stuff in there unbeknown to me.  I know he can't help being the way he is (disorganised, scatterbrained and oblivious of time), but when there's so much still to do, I need him to help, not hinder.  The only way I can get him doing what needs to be done is to say to him "Right, I need you to do this, this and this today.....start with this, and do it now please".  My head is full to bursting with so much stuff that it's all spilling over - it's not just the physical stuff of sorting, packing boxes and lifting/carrying, it's all the admin stuff that needs doing as well.  Every day I have to make a couple of phone calls or send some emails to do with the move, which takes time - especially phone calls when, more often than not, I'm stuck in a queue for ages.  Seems to be the way of things nowadays - lack of staff since Covid I expect.  And then there's still meals to prepare every day, the odd bit of necessary shopping, washing to do, etc - I'm afraid housework has mostly gone out of the window, I haven't got time (and frankly don't really care anymore, as it no longer feels like our home).  So other than quick basic cleans of the kitchen and bathroom, that's it, I'll give everywhere a hoover and wipe down on moving day as the furniture in each room gets loaded in the van.

Do you know, we've still not had any reply from our landlord - I don't know what his problem is.  So I've calculated the remaining amount of rent payable and husband will take the cash to the office and pay it this morning - and yes he will get a receipt from the office clerk.

This morning it'll be at least one tip run and charity shop dump, I also need a couple of items from the supermarket.  Betty's got a routine vet appointment (an ear check, nothing drastic) just after lunch, and I'm having my last haircut of the year this afternoon.

Hasn't it turned cold all of a sudden - blimmin freezing. No snow here though, thankfully - well, I haven't actually looked out of the window yet this morning but there wasn't any yesterday!


  1. It'll all get sorted, then you can relax. But it must be frustrating when your husband seems to (albeit unknowingly) scupper everything you've done. Husbands are often more of a hindrance than a help aren't they?
    Housework - what's that? And I haven't even got the excuse of moving! I vacuum when I get sick of seeing bits on the carpet, and dust when I get the urge, which isn't very often and soon disappears.
    Yes it's definitely winter draws (drawers) on time. I hate feeling like Michelin Man when we go out, but I need all the layers. It just makes going to the loo a bit of a faff.🚽 Keep warm and rest when you can. xx

  2. I hate waiting in a queue on the phone. I think maybe some of it it money saving - it's cheaper for us to wait in a queue than to employ more operators.

  3. It's -7.4 here in my wee bit of Galloway if it snowed it would be warmer.

  4. I think it's time to have a day off, just one day with nothing to do with the move allowed, lunch out and the simplest of simple teas with a film on the television. Enjoy the Christmas decorations everywhere while you are out and give yourself 24 hours of breathing space. It's something I do with every move and it's surprising how it re-invigorates you for the next few days of getting stuck into stuff again.

  5. I can definitely relate to the problems you describe - my husband can't reliably carry out instructions any more, so it's all on me! It can feel a bit overwhelming, can't it, but you'll soon be through it and everything will be done. You're quite right to just keep bathroom and kitchen clean and not worry about the rest. There's only so much you can do, so just prioritise what *must* be done and put everything else out of your mind.

  6. Did you pay a deposit when you moved in there? You need to know you will get that back or adjust your payment accordingly. I am sure you realise that but thought I would mention it incase it had slipped your mind with so much going on.

  7. I would also leave cleaning until all was out. Hopefully the landlord lets you know something pretty soon.

    God bless.


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