Sunday 16 June 2019

A load of old twaddle - EDITED

I've not heard a single word from the sleep clinic for 3 days now, not very supportive of them!  Thank you to my blog readers who've left supportive comments, at least I'm not totally invisible, despite feeling it even more than usual right now.  The suggestions about Vit B12 are interesting, I have to go see the nurse for a diabetic checkup within the next couple of weeks, I'll mention it to her.  

Sleep was crap again last night, got so much on my mind at the mo.

I've had an absolute deluge of anonymous spam comments over the last day or two, all on one particular post from months ago.  They're all meaningless rubbish, so probably aren't even a person, obviously I'm not publishing them.  Why all on that particular post though (one about HRT) I have no idea.  I tried to set it to stop comments, but it didn't work (probably my foggy tired brain doing something wrong), so in the end I just deleted the wasn't anything interesting anyway.  I did have to smile about the fact that a load of comments telling me how brilliant and interesting I am are all a load of twaddle.  How ironic.


I've now added word verification (at least, I think I have) for comments, as since writing this post I've had nearly another dozen anonymous spam comments on this post now, and am fed up with it.  It's either that or stop accepting all anonymous comments, including the ones who are genuine readers, and I don't want to do that.


  1. Very strange about the sleep clinic and the spam stuff, such a waste of time having to delete things

  2. I am not sure why but Wordpress seem to be able to pick up on Spam better than Blogger and direct it straight to my Spam box. I expect the words HRT have generated the spam in someway.

  3. Maybe the sleep clinic email is in your Spam box.


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